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Do you still retain some of your childhood habits?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) May 28th, 2011

We change as get older but some of us can keep their old habits for themselves.

I don’t usually like cartoon but I like the black white Disney cartoon, I still love to play video games (and I love RPGs), and I still like to eat baby snacks (well,they’re just my taste) since I was raised with these things. I am a mature woman and I don’t care if people say that I am childish because I like these things.

So how about you? Still practice some of your childhood habits?

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No. I’ve stopped sucking my thumb.

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I still dip cookies into a glass of cold milk.

I still eat a soft-boiled egg with toast soldiers.

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I doodle on occasion. While on the phone or on the computer. Whenever there’s a paper and pen around.

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I still turn the water off after wetting my toothbrush, still hesitate when applying perfume (grandma said less is more!), still eat the protein part of my food first and then move on to a bit of the starch and finish up with vegies, salad/fruit to aid digestion, still reach for the faucet to turn off the water flow when the level reaches my thighs and then realize it’s ok to cover myself in the water and luxuriate and I still iron my clothes.

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I still take the occasional nap.

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I still eat pancake, waffles and French toast with maple syrup and large curd cottage cheese. It was something my husband and I had in common from our childhoods, only he puts the cottage cheese on top of the pancakes and I put mine nest to the pancakes.

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I still play with my pee pee? Lol

I sleep with the TV on when I’m alone.

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Video games aren’t just for kids! ’‘blinks’’

My pillow obsession. I still love to cuddle and hug pillows and bury my face in them, like I did when I was little. I just don’t let people see it now…hardly.

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I still like to run and jump and play at age 60.

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Recently I was out with my parents and my father said that I haven’t changed since I was 3. I think that speaks volumes.

I still bite my nails when I’m nervous or stressed. I also love coloring books, sidewalk chalk and swinging on the swingset. Set me loose in a playground or a park and I’m happy for days. I also like to stick olives on my fingertips before I eat them, except that they crack sometimes now that I don’t have tiny little kid hands. :)

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Me like this kwestion, me gonna say yes!!!!!

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Now I have the money to do Lego properly.

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There are few habits that I haven’t retained. My nighttime obessive compulsions have mostly faded. I no longer bite my nails as often. I don’t colour or build puzzles as often as I used to (but still enjoys those activities very much.) I also no longer watch television or play videogames as much as when I was, say, ages 5–10.

One more thing: I no longer eat food the same way as when I was a kid. I would all the crust off my sandwiches before eating the center. I would do the same thing for candy bars (especially Three Musketeers). And I would always eat the cookie portion of Oreos first and save the creamy center for last (rolled up into a ball.)

Otherwise, I am bit fuzzy on what I have lost. I have many of the same interests, partake in many of the same activities, and continue to practice many of the same compulsions I had as a kid. Some are just enacted to a lesser degree than others.

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Funny you should ask. When I was a kid I’d only eat ketchup and mayo on a hamburger. Then I grew up and added lettuce, tomato and onion and that’s how I ate them for years. But about 6 month ago, for reasons I’m not sure of, I reverted to mayo and ketchup only. I’m thinking it has something to do with the mess that lettuce and tomato causes!

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No more thumb sucking, but, being a very orally fixated person, yes. lol
I love to talk, eat, drink, and be just about as silly as I was a child.

I still love the Disney movies old & new, love blowing bubbles and playing with Play Doh. haha

I do not still wear diapers, yet, anyway!

Infact, in honor of my little girl self, I printed out a 5×7 old Kodak slide of my 4 year old self from 1964 and hung it on my fridge.

I am sitting in a little wicker rocking chair in a pink dress with Mary Janes and ankle socks holding a flower, looking very mischievious and my crazy,curly, albino hair is glowing in the sunlight.

I love mini-me lol

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@Coloma I have a diary that I started when my my daughter was conceived…I wrote notes to myself in the future, and my self in the future writes back…and then writes a note to yet ANOTHER me in the future! Things like, “Hey Val in the future! How did THIS mess turn out anyway? I don’t know what to do!” Then myself in the future…may be 5, 10 years later, answers the question. :) I miss my other me, like I miss my babies.

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