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Where can I watch this hard to find movie online ?

Asked by EtherRoom (384points) May 28th, 2011

Does anyone know where I can find “Lies of the Heart The Story of Laurie Kellogg online? It stars Jennie Garth and it’s so hard to find.

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Have you tried Sidereel, surfthechannel,,

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I tried to find it for you but was unsuccessful! I took a film class a few years ago and was introduced to a ba-jillion different sites (all safe—most free—none more than a dollar) and it seems most of them don’t exist anymore. You can’t even buy it anywhere. Not even on ebay! Sorry, man. Good luck though! Keep checking on Lifetime’s website; they’ve got a few fans keeping an eye out for it and one of the fans can check on programming up to six weeks away. Just a thought.

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Sorry, I totally forgot about this: there’s a site called and they search all the tv and movie sites for you. They are to tv and movies what is to travel, I guess. Just in case you hadn’t heard of it. Good luck again.

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