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How much social interaction do you need (outside of the internet/phone) on a daily basis?

Asked by Jude (32112points) May 29th, 2011

I find (when I am not working = summers off), that I don’t handle going a couple of days without social interaction all that well.

I really do like to be around people.


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I was very isolated as a child, so I got used to hanging by myself…I can go a week or two without any human interaction and be perfectly fine.

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I need it about thrice weekly.

I think I’d need it more frequently if I didn’t have an SO, with whom I share a mutually loving relationship.

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I don’t need any. But my social skills go down and then I end up being socially awkward.

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I’m with @FutureMemory

I am a natural extrovert, but, in my ‘maturity’ I really, really, love my space and own company.
Even though I am of a social nature, I also think being an only child has something to do with it.

I was forced to be a very inventive child being born an only to older parents and ancient other relatives. lol

Also, I have become much more discriminating in the company I keep, quality over quanity.

If I don’t genuinely LIKE someone, I won’t ‘use’ them to fill up a social niche simply out of boredom.

I am very against ‘using’ anyone, or anything for selfish egoic reasons.

I enjoy my work, which has a social aspect, and really am loving my daughter and her boyfriend right now, great, fun, like minded company.

I am rarely bored or truly ‘lonely’, I can spend hours amusing myself, and actually, consider myself to be my own ‘best friend.’ :-)

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Except for my husband, I can go a while without seeing other people.

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Highly variable, but I can often be quite happy not dealing with anyone at all for a couple of days at a time.

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I too am an only child who spent the majority of my time alone. Didn’t have many friends, socially inept and my folks were often otherwise occupied. I’m really good at being alone and quite enjoy it.

So since I have a loving wife who loves to be together; a daughter who loves to be together; a dog who loves to be together and a job that has a fairly big social component to it – I’m perfectly happy to avoid all other humans for weeks on end.

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Need? None , probably. But sometimes it’s enjoyable ; I don’t seek it out. In fact, I’d like to have a lot more time alone.

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I like to have plans with friends – either my own or couples – about three or four times a week in the summer.

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I really don’t like being around people all that much. Family’s more than enough for me.
I like to spend my holidays in solitary places like my bedroom, the woods or something like that.

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Very little, in fact, I tend to avoid it as much as I can. I see it as an intrusion on my own personal life. Being totally self centered and conceited, I’d rather hang around in my own little worlds rather than to be all social.
However, I also find that when I am being social, it’s really fun and refreshing. This weekend I was hanging around in MontrĂ©al, and I was with people constantly for two days, and it was really awesome. Going on a binge may have helped with that part though lol. But this was drinking for fun, and not my usual drinking.

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Very little.

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I’d rather die than not see people. What’s the point of having a sad life?

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Very little. I can go for days, weeks even, without seeing anybody but my wife. I’m not a big fan of people in general. If I didn’t have my pets, it might be a different story.

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I can go about a week. If I have books, movies and nice weather then I like some solitude to clean, organize, repair and then indulge myself. During these rare binges of retreat then I’ll often order delivery food and check the mailbox only if I can’t get someone else to do it. Weird but rare.

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Aside from my family, I don’t need any for weeks.
I must have my dogs around though. Love the silent communication and loving connection I have with them.
Spending time with other people is boring to me after a while.

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I need some kind of interaction every day but the older I get the more I enjoy my own company.

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I’m a shut in. I believe it’s due to conditioning, but now I prefer to be indoors and away from people as much as possible. I can deal with not having any outside interactions at all.

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Very little, me thinks. If I have a good book, I’m good. If not, I’ll fix something in the house.

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I need people interaction daily!!! I need my daily dose of live human contact other wise I feel like I am missing part of me. I am definately a people person.

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Ok, so I’m figuring anti-social jellies over social jellies by a wide margin.

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@cprevite aww, I’m not anti-social… just introverted a bit ;)

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Yeah. Introverted. Antisocial people, in the true sense of the word, are usually pretty social. (not to be confused with psychopathy)

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@Symbeline Exactly. Anti-social people are the ones that end up with ASBOS.

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@queenie See I would have thought you would be more outgoing like myself…. You seem so funny online and and extrovert online wonder how you could transform that into your real world

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@queenie…I better reconsider what I just said then, at least about me. XD

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@creative1 Oh I’m outgoing darling, I just like to go out on my own usually ;)

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I worked 4 hours this afternoon, it was all good, now, I am basking in my little retreat zone, alone again, naturally! lol

It’s tourist season and so after babbling on about the local history, the name of our store, ( which is the indigenous peoples pronounceation that nobody can read, haha ) and pointing the way to the state park, and local eateries, well…lets just call it a day! :-)

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Our department at work took an assessment that determined certain personality characteristics, including extroversion/introversion. The results were fascinating, especially when we lined up by how high and low we scored on each scale.

For those that were classroom facilitators, it was just assumed that they would be higher on the extroversion side since they were on-stage most of the time. The introverts in this role said that they were motivated by sharing information, but felt exhausted at the end of the day. The extroverts said that they were on a natural high at the end of the day.

One lesson learned was that people tap into other strengths in order to accomplish what they like to do. The other lesson was that it isn’t just one or the other; there are varying degrees. It sounds like @queenie has given us a prime example of this.

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@cprevite Well..I’m social here, but what I like is I can walk away at any time. No one is ringing my door bell when I want to be left alone.

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Very true. I have long thoguht the Enneagram personality profiling is an invaluable ‘tool’ for human communion. lol

I too am energized by energetic and stimulating contacts, but, I’ve also mellowed in my middle age.

Part of my profiling says that I can think circles around most people and I have to be careful to not overload the more sensitive types when on one of my enthusiastic visionary jags. haha

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Yeah, well @Coloma You don’t give a hang about overloading US with your enthusiastic visionary jags, now do ya! You just don’t give a second thought to overloading us, do ya!

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There you go again!

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Call me, I’ll energize you! hahaha

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I’m too tired right now! I worked four hours too you know! Doing something non-visionary…although I am reading “Atlas Shrugged” at the same time I was doing non-visionary things…OMG. That woman can write. I just got off a train ride that you would not believe!

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Probably a lot more than I think I do.

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Very little. I can easily amuse myself. But it probably isn’t a good thing because then I’m not motivated to go out and seek social interaction, and I can get a little out of practice.

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