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Are there words that you have difficulty with pronouncing?

Asked by rebbel (28592points) May 29th, 2011

Do you have certain words that are difficult for you to speak out?
Words that are too much loaded with taboo, guilt, etc.
For me, when I say the word sex I am very self aware that I am saying it, it comes out as seqwsz although I have no problems with sex now, just was a taboo when I was young.
Or the Dutch word for cancer (kanker), same thing, I hear myself saying it and the K’s get a very ‘closed mouth sound’ when I was young it was the feared disease or just K.
Recognize this?
Got any words you have difficulty with?

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Yes, well,’re something of a c**t. And each time I try and say it, it comes out like that!


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Funny, i have no problem with pronouncing that word at all @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard

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That word in Dutch i so wide spread used that it is very easy to use, also for women.
We use it for all kinds of bad things: kut zaak (a shop that sucks), kuttekop (asshole), etc.

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I cannot pronounce OR spell: entrepanureal “he is an enterpranureal..” lol

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I have a hard time pronouncing a lot of things… it’s a nervous thing though, I think. I was never good/enjoyed at reading aloud, and I think that has something to do with it. I stumble. I find myself avoiding words because I am afraid I’ll say them wrong. Sometimes I just ask… guess it depends on who I’m talking to.

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Only up until recently, I had trouble with “hierarchy” and “prerogative”...

Otherwise I’m pretty much desensitized to offensive or taboo terms, though I still think that “faggot” is one of the ugliest sounding words in this language. “Cunt” isn’t much better…

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A comic whose name I can’t remember observed that nobody can say “judicial system” without sounding drunk.

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Pejorative is hard for me to pronounce as well…

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rural, really hate that word. I have a hard time saying cinnamon around my kids without adding a couple extra imimins onto it.

When my oldest was a toddler we would go for walks in the park and he developed the hobby of picking up sticks and throwing them in the creek to watch them float down stream. The more excited he got he would be running around the park yelling Big Sticks, the problem was his “st” came out as a “d”

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Innivitive…innvivit…...innovateive….innovative. I genuinely have difficulties with that word.
Also Twente Enschede, although it does flow off the tongue quite nicely.

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I have to really think when I’m saying words that end in -able or have an ‘r’ in the middle. There’s definitely a lot more than that, but those are the only I’ve noticed so far.

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