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How can I save my Calla Lily?

Asked by Gabby101 (2945points) May 29th, 2011

My Calla Lilies have little black bugs (that look like aphids) and ants all over them. There are no holes in the leaves or stems but the plant appears to be rotting. The stems are covered in the black bugs and most of them have become weak (limp) and yellow – they look they are rotting away. I have sprayed them with aphid killer, but never seems to work. Also, I never water them because I was afraid the water was contributing to the problem. Last year I thought I had a rotting fungus so chopped off all of the greenery and dug up the bulbs. I guess I didn’t get all of the bulbs because they came up beautifully this year and looked lovely (until now). Now the same thing is happening again. They are in the front of my house so if I can’t fix this problem, I need to replace them. What should I do? I live in an area where they should do well and survive year round.

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It could be black aphids. Try purchasing some live lady bugs to eat them right up. You can also try to spray the plant with water to dislodge the aphids. Most likely when they are dislodged they cannot return. A nice home remedy would be to mix about 2 tsp of dish soap to a bottle of water and spray the leaves and stem with this. Make sure the soap is mild.

If the disease does not seem to be aphids, it could be a bacteria disease that is weakening the stem and the leaves. The most common is called bacterial soft rot. This makes the stem mushy-like and can turn the leaves yellow. There should be a treatment for this in plant stores.

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Your plants will die before any bugs, from lack of water.

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