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Would you resort to a do it yourself surgery just to save your own life?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) May 29th, 2011

I saw this article about astounding but painful DIY surgeries. Would you do something extremely painful just to save your life?

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I would certainly try, if it seemed the only option. Gotta do something. I’d really rather hand myself over to medical professionals if possible though, even if they’re actually shamans or witchdoctors.

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I’m not just gonna do nothing like a dummy. Ofcourse I’d do it myself. :) Self preservation ranks right up there.

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Funny that this question came up now. I just finished watching 127 Hours, the movie where the guy was rock climbing and had a rock roll over his arm and had to cut his arm off to survive. Yes, I would do what I had to do to survive.

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@Only138 Nice. Like the most badass American that exists, I could totally see you downing a bottle of Johnny Walker’s, then ripping out a bad tooth with pliers.

I actually tried that once, real story. (minus the booze, as surprising as that may seem) Needless to say, I’m not really up there on Darwin’s list lol. The Devil bless work insurance lol.

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Knowing me, performing surgery on myself would probably just end my life faster.

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I’d try it. It’s either die or try to live and only possibly die. I’m pretty sure I’d go for the latter.

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Yes. I’ve done some pretty gruesome things to avoid going to a hospital.

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@Neizvestnaya Care to share some stories?

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@Neizvestnaya Tell us your worst!

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@Neizvestnaya Aye, I must hear as well.

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I suspect it would have the opposite effect.

Like cutting out your own appendix with a dirty Swiss Army knife, after getting lost in the woods during a wilderness survival course? not.

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You guys love gross stuff.

Lessee… I’ve superglued my own sliced open thumb, clipped away the drying yuck skin and re glued until it was a normal gash looking thing.

I’ve given someone else crude stitches with silk thread I soaked in bleach and then rolled in bag balm. I was worried their chunk of palm would get infected around the fabric stitches but it didn’t. Every day we’d use a spray mister to put peroxide on the spot then snip away loose skin, scab and crusted stuff. This one was really gross.

Another person got little pieces of gravel removed from their scalp with my favorite tweezerman eyebrow tweezers, tiny sharp ended cuticle strips, gobs of salve around the owies to soak in and make it easier to squeeze out more gravel the next day. We superglued a few bits of scalp smooth.

I’ve removed one of my own toenails by cutting the skin that held it when I did a stupid thing and jammed my toes against a refrigerator. This wasn’t as gross but it was the most painful. I figured why should I (uninsured) go to an after hours emergency room and wait for several hours in agony to be seen by some intern butcher who would clean and do the same thing I’d done as well as charging me several hundred dollars?

I’ve patched up a punctured cat, my own dog two times now.

The absolute yuckiest though has been the lancing of a partner’s ingrown hair abscess, cleaning up the spurt yuck, draining the inflammation and then daily warming the spot with hot wet rags in order to drain more and pack the area with ground up aspirin and neosporin paste.

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@Neizvestnaya Hehe, the stitches story reminds me of what I did a week ago. I tripped and completely busted the shit out of my lip and I gave myself stitches.

The toenail thing is what made me cringe. I had to have both of my big toenails completely cut out before and that shit isn’t fun.

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@KatetheGreat: Yes, it was one of the big toenails and for my luck it didn’t tear out in the initial injury. I thought it sucked that just enough thicker skin held it on that it couldn’t be easily snipped. I locked myself in my bathroom and refused to come out until I was finished so the household downstairs heard nothing but, JESUS! I’m not religious.

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I highly doubt I’d do anything like that. I lack the steady hands, courage and knowledge, skill, too, to do it. Except where appendicitis comes in, because I’ve had that shit covered!

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Has anyone here seen the movie !27 Hours ?
Synopsis:“A mountain climber becomes trapped under a boulder while canyoneering alone near Moab, Utah and resorts to desperate measures in order to survive.”

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So the only other option is death? Err, well yeah! Just so long as it doesn’t involve cleaving my dick off!! I’m keeping that baby nomaddawot.

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I’d definitely try. I’ve had all sorts of procedures (and three births) without anesthesia, so I’d be ok with that part. The grossness factor would be hard to overcome, not to mention the lack of knowledge, but I’d do my damnedest to survive.

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It’s funny that you mention this. I just saw a House episode a few nights ago where Dr. House performed surgery on his own leg in the bathtub.

In answer to your question, probably not unless it was a life-threatening situation. I don’t have a surgeon’s steady hand.

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@lonelydragon Hahaha, I watched that same episode.

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