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What "plug-in" do I need to make youtube work?

Asked by NostalgicChills (2774points) May 29th, 2011

Since yesterday, Youtube hasn’t been working for me. I could click on a video and it will just show a black screen that says, “missing plug-in”

However, when I click on it, it doesn’t do anything. So my question is, how do I know what plug-in it needs? Or would a simple restart update whatever needs to be updated?

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Let me guess, you have google chrome?

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@NostalgicChills Have you tried installing the latest version of java?

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@KatetheGreat How do I do that?
Just go to

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@KatetheGreat But I have something else that uses java, and its been working.

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I don’t really know. My computer does this sometimes and reinstalling java usually helps. It is so annoying.

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Adobe Flash Player.

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Oops. Listen to loli.
I get java and flash mixed up all of the time.

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How do I update it?
From the site?

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search for flash player on

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@uberbatman the site is unavailable.

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odd, it works fine for me…

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works fine for me too.

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@NostalgicChills What OS are you running? It shouldn’t matter in this case, but it might be helpful to know.

Google Chrome comes with Adobe Flash built in, and the plugin should update when Chrome updates.
For some reason, my version of Chrome (under Ubuntu Linux) updates itself but not the plugin. Thus the Flash plugin does not run when I go to a Flash-enabled site- it pops up a banner telling me that the plugin is out-of-date and provides a button to “Run Anyway”.

Try this: in Chrome, type “about:plugins” into the address bar. Omit the quotes and don’t add a space after the colon. At the top of that page should be information about the Flash plugin. You might want to post it here.
In the meantime, if you have Firefox installed and you have installed the Flash plugin for it, you can just disable the Flash plugin that shows here, close all your windows and restart Chrome, and Chrome should use the Flash plugin you installed for FF to use.

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booo hisss

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Nooooo I love google chrome. D:

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I have no idea what that is.

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That stands for Operating System

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still lost

I figured it out though. I just needed to update the Adobe Flash player and restart my computer.
Its working now, thanks for your help everyone! :)

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