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How much do you go caroling ?

Asked by Hibernate (9050points) May 29th, 2011

Picture this ..
.. winter time .. Christmas time… you feel like doing something and you do not know what . :)

How often / how many times / who do you visit etc etc

Or you do not go caroling at all.

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The only time I went caroling was when my church teen group went out, in the 1950’s. I found out after a few years that the whole thing was a fund raising event, with the older members going door to door to accept donations. It was very disappointing.

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I followed my daughter through the bleak Minnesotan winter just last December, so bundled up she looked like a helium balloon. I don’t know who the wise guy is who thought a bunch of frozen 8 year olds would be a lovely sound, but I appreciated the wise guy who suggested they carol at the mall instead.

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I’ve never been caroling, nor have I seen caroling in any neighborhood. I’ve seen professional carolers a couple times in department stores, though.

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I think people would pay me NOT to go caroling. I think it is referred to as cruel and unusual torture. They did offer me a job at Guantanamo singing ‘Silent Night’ and ‘In the bleak mid winter’ but in the end they said it was too much and they would stick with water boarding.

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I haven’t Xmas Caroled in 30 years but my newer tradition is to go door to door on the 4th of July singing Weird Al Yankovic songs.

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I love caroling and went a couple times when I was a kid. Sadly, no one I know likes the idea – so my yearly suggestion falls on deaf ears.

plus I work about 90 hours the week of Christmas including Christmas Eve – so that doesn’t really help.

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Never done it and never will. It really pisses me off when a bunch of kids that can’t sing turn up at my door and beg for money.

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When I was in college, the university pep band would go caroling around campus for Christmas and Halloween. We played the holiday songs with our instruments—we didn’t sing them. One year, we got mooned.

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This time of year? Very little.

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I’ve gone caroling with a group of people from my church for the past three Christmases. We go to the houses of locals, especially the elderly who have been very active in our community but are now more or less confined to their houses. Afterwards we have a nice little Christmas gathering at one of the people’s houses, with wine and snacks and the Yule Log running on Comcast OnDemand. Ive found it’s a very rewarding experience, and a chance to see some people that I otherwise don’t see often. :D

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The neighborhood I lived in up until 5 years ago has gone caroling every year since 1998. There were a lot of kids born in the mid 90s, and the parents got together to do some things like caroling, Halloween, and a block party every year.

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I go caroling every year, but that’s because I belong to a singing group. It takes a group to go caroling. Imagine going by yourself! I don’t think so.

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Lol. Never.

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I’ve never gone caroling, it’s not on my list of stuff to do. I’m not Christian but I like the atmosphere of Christmas and the music, in teeny little bits.

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My children pay me not to sing in public. In a good year, I can get $30 from them at the holidays.

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I’ve never been caroling. No one ever wanted to go with me when I was younger, and now I’m not a Christian anymore. I did have a paid gig singing Christmas and Hanukkah songs at a mall one year when I was thirteen or fourteen, but that’s not really the same.

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Never, it’s usually way too cold to open your door to hear singing and way too cold to walk house to house singing.

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@Lightlyseared – You made me smile… I think it would be epically random and hilarious to get a group of people to go caroling at this time of year.

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When I was a teenager I used to go caroling with my church youth group. We bundled up and crammed into two or three cars and made the rounds of the senior members of the church on the Saturday night before Christmas. There was something special about singing in the cold, filling our lungs with icy air and exhaling great gusts of steam.

I loved being part of an event that thrilled people, and I loved it when the old folks came out onto the porch hugging their sweaters, with the snowy light on their snowy hair, and waved and smiled and thanked us. Our last stop was always the home of one of the group members, ready with plenty of hot chocolate and snacks to thaw us out.

I know what a thrill it was to be on the receiving end because some years a group of my father’s students gathered outside our house and treated us to carols in four-part harmony. We were the ones leaning out into the cold and smiling and waving. “Merry Christmas!” I felt like I was in a live Christmas card.

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