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What's the best (automatic) Euro-van?

Asked by FluffyChicken (5511points) May 30th, 2011

I’ll be purchasing a Vanagon-type vehicle in August. It must be automatic, as I will be a fairly new driver (working on getting my license still.) It will need to have a stove and a refrigerator,and a bed since I will be living out of it.

I would prefer a pop-top but that is not 100% necessary, if there are better benefits. What make/model/year would be the best to get, and why? I’d like to keep the price under 20,000.

Also, this will be my first vehicle purchase ever, and any tips in that regard would be appreciated too!

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I think for your budget you’ll be looking at second hand. This doesn’t give you so much choice, espcially if you need to limit to an automatic. So it may be easier to turn this about and have a look first at what is out there in your area at your price and then research each one to see which is most suitable.

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I have a 2003 Eurovan, and considered buying an earlier model Vanagon. From trusted sources, I was told to buy the water-cooled versions, which you can spot by their square (as opposed to circle-shaped) headlights.

Where are you at? Country? State? City?

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I’ll keep that in mind. I’m on the Central Coast of California.

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I lived there when I bought the Eurovan. Morro Bay. You’re in the best spot to buy a Vanagon – Go Westy in Los Osos.

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I know it! On Tuesday I’m planning on taking the bus over there to just talk to the folks there and extrapolate knowledge.

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Have a great time. They really honor the VW over there.

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Excellent! I’m really looking forward to it! And thanks for your advice.

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No problem. Post a photo once you’ve made the plunge!

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I shall! Maybe I’ll make it a whole question in the social section. “What do you think of my amazing vehicle?” :P

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