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Are we ever going to be able to trade lurve points for goodies?

Asked by demogear (160points) April 25th, 2008

So the more lurve points you get, the higher your status as a part of the collective grows. The owners of the site are making money out of this. Are we ever gonna be able to trade lurve ponits for t-shirts, cups or stuff like that?

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They have said that they will start selling Fluther merchandise. I’d love a Fluther shirt, but I dont want to give up my hard earned points for one!

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So what’s the use of racking up points then?

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I believe points are there to help you decide if the answer a person is giving is somewhat legit. Fluther is not a game where you try to “rack up points”.

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To show how much of a positive contribution you’ve made. It also makes you look good when you have a lot =P

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Clicking the ‘great answer/question’ is easier than writing a message to everyone that you think made a good post.

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oh and I’d also lurve a fluther t-shirt/top :)

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I say we make Fluther users pay a nominal fee after…like 30 days.
It would allow for a lurve shop where you can get shirts and such for every…1000 lurve or so, but it will also keep away unwanted users / trolls.

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I think just selling merchandise would be a better solution, the points are just there to make you look nice as others have stated above.

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I’d be happy if we could trade it in for cool pictures or designs for our profile picture, and say, the designs showing rank by color.

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The point system shows a member’s credibility and how long they have been on the site. If you have given thoughtful answers, and been helpful to the other members it will be reflected in your points. There are several other threads where this topic has been discussed. You can find more here:

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@Zack, you can upload your own picture if you want, thats what I did

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Lewis Hyde wrote a difficult but totally wonderful book, THE GIFT, describing the difference between a cash economy and a gift economy, and the necessity for not
confusing the two. In a gift economy, you get status from giving – as in potlatches, or Oprah’s Big Give. In a gift economy, the gift must keep moving to keep its value (whereas in a money economy, you can put it in the bank, or hide it in other ways, and it still has value). Well that’s a lecture and a half. But I think lurve needs to stay in the realm of appreciation, and not be confused by becoming a commodity.

Unless the guyz could give us travel miles….

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