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If you went to a strip club what kind of girls would you want to see?

Asked by Bambi_Snow (48points) May 30th, 2011

what if one of the strippers is a total hippie in a tie dye crochet bikini,wooden peace sign necklace, a long beaded necklace, a daisy chain crown, and barefoot when she dances on the stage to “incense and peppermints”

granted that she is also very pretty, smells good, no body hair, great figure, slammin ass, nice personality if you actually talk to her, and a good dancer

would you want a lapdance from a stripper like this?

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What would your reaction be if someone asked a more absurd question than this?

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Sounds like a great character to me. Where’s the club where you dance?

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I’d probably be horny, seeing as how I’m in a strip club and all…

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Hell yeah! why not?

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I could totally go for that girl, I mean I’m not there for any intimate or personal stuff, and I certainly won’t have to put up with her personality.

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Haha, this question is awesome.

I’d love a dance from a girl like that. What time does your shift start?

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I’d want to see women with soft, natural bodies, no tattoos, soft shiny hair instead of dried frizzy crackhead hear and no butt pimples. Excessive makeup doesn’t have any appeal for me either.

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Um, a hippie with no body hair?????

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I just gave you a great question point. My answer is “You had me at strip club”.

Here is my ideal stripper, enjoy jellies!

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I don’t care about characters or anything like that. I do care that the woman dancing is natural, pretty, and has a little jiggle in the right places. I like dancers that look like an approachable woman, not someone that stepped off of a movie set. I like the barefoot part, though. That’s appealing.

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If it was 10 years or so ago before I got engaged why not?

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@Hypocrisy_Central Some people would look at that same 10 years as passed and just the perfect time to get a lap dance. Lol. : )

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@mazingerz88 5 to 10 years ago I was free to have a lap dance from anyone, anywhere. Now even if I wanted to I would be a candidate for the John Wayne Bobbitt treatment. As much as she say she loves my Rober earl it would get cut off.

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Yes, she’s something different. I too like the bare foot part. I’m ready for a lap dance. Just tell me where to find you.

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Plus size women.

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I want to see some good looking women over 40. Usually in strip clubs it’s dirty old men and young women, I want it the other way around.

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@syzygy2600 Ahem ChippendalesĀ® ahem…....

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