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If an alien lands his spaceship in front of you and asks, "Take me to your leader!", to whom will you take him?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) May 31st, 2011

You know who your President is, or your Mayor or Governor or your Mom but sometimes you don’t necessarily think any of them represents your own unique idea of what the leader of the human race should be like.

So please feel free to bring the alien to anyone you think best represents a real leader of mankind. And you can even ask the alien to bring you back in time, in another place maybe, to introduce him to your ideal leader who then existed.

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No one. I’d tell the alien that they made a wrong turn somewhere to come back some other century.

Ok fine, if I absolutely had to lead the alien being to someone…I might take the alien to Nelson Mandela.

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I would stare him in the eye and say, “Anarchy..” And by the intensity of my glare, and the tone of my voice, he will know that peopleā€¦ don’t often know what they’re talking about.

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Apparently I’m no fun tonight, because I can’t think of anything. There isn’t a leader of mankind, and I can’t think of anyone that really could fill the shoes. Just doesn’t work that way.

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I’d invite the alien in for a cup of tea while I look up directions on how to get to Switzerland. That’s where Joseph Deiss, the President of the the United Nations General Assembly lives.

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Where can I find Warren Buffet?

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I’d say that I cannot do this.

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My cat. Well he thinks he is the boss.

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“Have you met the wife?”

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My old teacher back in first year, her expression would be hilarious.

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“Bitch, please. Go make me a sandwich.”

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I would take him to the front of my 7mm rifle…which will probably end up in a war against the human race but oh well.

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I would unzip my fly.

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@Blondesjon Ok that was funny. : )

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I would lie and tell them I was in charge.

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I can’t, because Mister Rogers is dead.

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The targets in my backyard.

I’m thoroughly terrified of aliens.

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I would laugh and say there is none.

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Second thought I would tell those alien I was the leader and anyone who said I wasn’t were evil rebels looking to over throw my authority and ensleve them so they best kill them off on the spot less they get a chance to do that, then the aliens really will make me the leader, brilliant!

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I would reply ” I AM THE LEADER….....WHAT!!!!” and I would most likely be in a bad mood from dealing with my children so that poor alien better get back in his spacecraft and go back wherever he came from, if he knew what was good for him anyway!

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Introduce him to Droid-X (my cell)

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Ozzy Osbourne!

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I would hand him off to my wife, and then stand out of the way and watch.

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@WillWorkForChocolate My cat’s already think they run everything. I don’t need to feed their hubris. :)

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