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College students: How is plagarism dealt with where you are?

Asked by 6rant6 (13672points) May 31st, 2011

iPlagarism has caused some schools to stop report writing altogether. Websites are devoted to supplying papers to those uninterested in writing their own.

How has your campus dealt with it? Do you know of any actions taken against students who submitted plagiarized work? Have you ever submitted anything which would have gotten you in trouble had the powers that be known how much of it was “unattributed?”

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Not currently enrolled, but my university took plagiarism and cheating very seriously. [Probably because it was so rampant]

Professors DID check people’s papers for plagiarism, though the exact method escapes me. I do know there are online resources for just this thing and professors can input papers or portions thereof and the resource will search and match for copied text.

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Any serious paper in my school needs to be sent to . They take plagiarism extremely seriously there. If your caught at the very least you fail the class but it can end in expulsion from the school.

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The university I attended took it very seriously. Every piece of written course work was scanned for obvious plagarism and they also employed an outside agency to vet any suspect work. They also did this for journal articles written by academics emplyed at the university and fired several professors (world renowned who really should have know better).

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It really depends more on the teacher, who’re given quite a bit of discretion over dealing with all cheating. We have a program that you can run all your papers through, but most teachers ask that you turn them in in hard copy format, because it’s too expensive for the school to print out 57 papers every couple of weeks for each class – much better to make the students pay for it. But my college is really poor and has open enrollment, so its goals are different.

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I graduated last year, but I feel I can still answer this as a former college student. We had SJA (Student Judicial Affairs) that dealt with cases of plagiarism. If a professor found out you stole all or parts of another work, they turned you into SJA. A whole trial would be held where, I’m assuming, they’d ask you about your sources, if it was intentional, etc. They’d take into account whether or not you had done something like that before or if there were any other faults against you during your academic career. Based on all of that they’d let you off with a warning, place you on academic probation, or dismiss you from the university. Of course, all of this is assuming your professor actually sent you to SJA. They’re supposed to, otherwise they could be in trouble if it’s uncovered that they knew and didn’t turn you in, but I heard cases about professors either grading down or giving a stern warning.

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It never happened to me. My college allow that provided that you give your credit to the rightful owner. Copy a work from a friend is OK as long as they couldn’t find the reality behind your works. Most students are smart enough to ‘stole’ information from the web and change some parts or rephrase the current words with their own words so no one will suspect. The lecturers are rather lazy (or careless) here, claiming that they’re busy all days so they won’t bother to double-check your paper. I think it’s been a tradition here.

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You can be thrown out, first time, no grace period. And the profs check, as well as they can. No, I’ve never turned in anything that wasn’t my own work. Frankly, my work is generally better than the crap kids pull off the Internet nowadays. ;)

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At my school there is a no tolerance policy and the first time you are caught you are kicked out of the university no questions asked.

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Our essays and coursework are scanned, if you have plagiarised you risk being expelled. They take it quite seriously, seriously enough that ensuring your citations and paraphrasing is pristine is a ritual. It becomes almost as irritating as writing the papers.

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I found out that they send people to a academia dishonesty committee…give the student a zero on the assignment, a fail on the class, then they audit the students previous and future work… and sometimes expel the student for a year, or permanently. And you get expelled from dorms and only have 24 hours to get your stuff moved off campus.

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