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On the cover of Guitar Hero 3 it says "70+ Songs" but it only has 70. Why is that?

Asked by Zack_In_Black (351points) April 25th, 2008 from iPhone

It says “70+ Songs!” but I have unlocked every song and I counted, but there are ONLY 70 (no more, no less, just 70) I believe ”+” means over right? I’m talking about Guitar Hero 3 for PS2.

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You can purchase additional songs online and download ‘em. Hence, they can say that GHIII “features over 70 of the biggest and loudest songs ever compiled in a game!”

It comes with 70… plus any additional you buy.

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I said PS2 didn’t I?? You can’t do that with PS2.

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Oh, really? Well, in that case, look around for a class-action lawsuit to join in on. ;-D

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Can you not? Over Netplay or whatever it’s called?

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There are 73 songs on Guitar Hero 3 for PS2. You simply counted wrong. And please be more respectful of people answering your questions.

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Yeah I think there is a Ps2 market place of somesort…look it up

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@Soundedfury: I just checked my guitar hero 3, and there are exactly 70 songs. And just to make sure I had my friend count also. 70 songs bud

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My guitar hero 3 has 70 songs too. Richardhenry, there really is a place to get extra songs for ps2?

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This isn’t ricardhenry but I think that I have of heard of one try seeing if there’s a place to connect to the Internet. If so then you may be in luck! You can also turn to google. Good luck!

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Are you counting the 3 songs that are boss battles? I have access to 73 songs on my PS2.

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