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Worst let down you have received?

Asked by eyemadreamer (252points) May 31st, 2011

I got tired of playing a back and forth game with someone I liked. After receiving a multitude of mixed signals I just spelled it out for them, I like you.

The response:

Really? Thank you… thats nice.


What is the worst you’ve received? This is probably one of my least gratifying replies…. [lol].

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I got completely and utterly stood up for a date that I was extremely excited about, but it was all good in the end, because she turned out to be a trashy facebook drama whore anyway. I probably dodged a bullet with that one.

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I can’t really think of anything that serious off the top of my head, but I have been known to be a hopeless romantic, then it sucks when relationships don’t work out, even if you really want it to.

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When you make a plan to finally meet someone you really really wanted to meet after months of talking online and after a few cancelation they make a date, time and a place to meet then you show up and they don’t show. What is worse is driving about 1½ to get to this place and you drove there to be accomidating because you thought there was really potential there….. HUGE Disappointment!!!! What anticipation I had waiting for the date to arrive then all of the anticipation while driving there, I was so excited to meet him and how sad I was to be stood up.

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^He has no idea what he missed.

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There was a woman I had a minor crush on, then I completely put her out of my mind. Too smart and too attractive and too married. I was going away, she had been kind to me. I said to her we should go out and have a coffee, I want to thank you before I leave. She said, lets go out for a drink instead.

I met her for a drink, I sat down, ordered a scotch. I looked at her and said: “Thank you, I have learned so much from you, and I admire the way you focus on stuff and get stuff done. I have learned so much from you.”

She blushed. Then looked at me and said, “You are a f*cking bastard with the way you play with my emotions. How dare you play with a woman’s emotions the way you do. I can never trust you now with the stuff you just said to get into my pants.”

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I had agreed to a movie date with a guy, to meet him at his apt. and we’d leave from there. I got to the apt. and no one answered the door. No one answered the phone. Inside the apt. lights were on, dogs were barking like mad and there was movement but no one came to the door. I sent him a text telling him he was an asshole and then drove across town to hang out with a friend and blow off some steam.

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^What the hell is wrong with people? Can’t they just say they changed their mind instead of standing people up?

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@chyna: Oops, I forgot to mention that it was a 50% possibility the guy’s ex gf was inside the apt. with him and 50% he was drugged out of his gourd. Not a shining moment.

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Around 20 years ago I got around to asking my father why he left us when we were little. His reply was “I wasn’t happy”... whatever.

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I had a 2-week romance that was incredibly magical and intense for both of us. Her name was Jan, she was home to take care of her mom after knee surgery, but was due to go back to Germany, where she lived and worked.

As I said, the 2 weeks were intense and magical. It was obvious the feeling was mutual.. one of those rare times you just meet that someone and sparks fly and it seems like you’re soulmates. So, I didn’t know how it was going to work out, but I just went along with it, knowing that I’d walk away with two golden, amazing weeks, at the very least.

Once she got back to Germany and had been home a month or two, after a couple of grand and romantic gestures (our farewell and her birthday), she let me down kind of harshly and I was very hurt. So hurt that I sent the reply, ‘Heh.’ and that was the last she and I spoke.

She was amazing and totally stole my heart. I fell head-over-heels before I even knew what hit me. I wonder what happened to her and try to Google her from time to time, but she’s mysteriously vanished.

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Yes… it is strange when you’re getting those mutual sparks and then they disappear. I guess that means they weren’t so mutual? lol. Oh well. Life goes on.

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I was beginning to talk to a friend of mine, and we were always reallly flirty with each other. We talked all the time and it seemed like things were going great. I liked him, and from what I could tell he liked me, too. Then, randomly one day he texted me and said, “you know we’re just friends, right?” I was extremely confused. I mean come one, you don’t flirt with a girl and talk to her and make her think you like her just to let her down. That’s messed up. I think it goes without saying, but the friendship ended soon after he sent that text.

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@beckk Wow, sounds exactly like my situation. What is up with that? It is messed up. Extremely disappointing. I can completely relate.

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