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So, uhm, wait - did Oprah air her final show?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) May 31st, 2011

if so, where can I watch it?

I’ve watched her show maybe 3 times in my life and even I am intrigued by this..

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There’s always summer re-runs if you’re THAT interested.

And fwiw the last two shows were primarily a stroll down memory lane and a bunch of testimonials from mostly famous people.

I normally watched her shows to learn things and tended to bypass all the poofy celebrity interviews so for me it was basically a big snore. Trust me, you didn’t miss anything important. And I’m basically a fan so the last show was kinda meh.

I recorded it and sort of skimmed it but haven’t found it necessary to clear the time to watch it yet :)

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Yes, last week. Reruns are on until the fall. Ellen D. will take that time spot. Oprah basically said thank you to all her fans and it was sincere. No big extravaganza the last day. Just Oprah and her gift of being an unbelievable orater. Her last words were “Until we meet again”. I think she may come back if her OWN network goes sour and her fans show a Jay Leno thing.

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In our area, yes, it ran…You can watch a bit of it on or wait for re-runs. It may be on your On-Demand (if you have cable).

In our state, Dr. Oz will take her time slot beginning in Sept.

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It ran in Canada last week as well. I thought it was alright. I liked how she didn’t make that final one into a big production.

@Flutherit said it well, I think.

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