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What is "True" Love?

Asked by LunaFemme (1090points) April 25th, 2008 from iPhone

True love implies that there is a fake love. Do you think there is a True love & that it differes from plain ‘ol love? What do you think people mean when they make the true love distinction?

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I think what’s referred to as ‘true’ love is probably the kind that lasts, runs deep and is more or less unconditional.
You can love a snack bar and you can love spending time with someone, but true love is different.
In fact….if you like old movies, I’d highly recommend the movie called High Society, where the song True Love is featured…..a wonderful romantic classic that gives you some idea of True Love :)

(PS. My now husband gave me this movie for my birthday once and the song was our first dance at our wedding)

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true love is the love you have for your children or at least should have

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@hollister – is that different then how you love your wife. Do you mean everyother type of love is not real? What are you really trying to communicate by saying “true love”?

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hahahaha….I was so thinking that very same thing LunaFemme :)

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no I love my wife. Just my child is unconditional

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I think what you really said was “To Blaaave,” which we all know means “To bluff.”

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line you said above maybe there is just “love” I don’t know if I totally agree that there is a “true love” like you said than what? Is there “fake” love? I doubt. “fake love would be no love at all. So with no such thing as “fake” love than I guess there is no true love. Maybe there is just plain o’ love. How deep that love is I guess up to you

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Here’s the link to Cole Porter’s song. TRUE LOVE, sung by Grace Kelly and der Bingle in High Society (see @wildflower) – i956

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There are so many definitions of just the concept “love” that I can’t imagine trying to add another difficult concept to it (TRUTH) and then expect a simple definition. Entire books have been written about both of these concepts. If you are serious about learning more about how difficult concepts are defined, try reading some of Mortimer Adler’s “Six Great Ideas”

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Words can never do true love justice. True love can only be experienced.

But it’s fun to try. C.S. Lewis describes the different types of love in The Four Loves which is more philosophical and then there’s the more scientific approach which you can read about in Social Psychology journals which is actually kind of interesting!

The trick is to integrate both of the sides into poetry and then you really have something powerful.

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“Wuv…. twue wuv…. is what bwings us togewer today.”

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