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Why is he comfortable with farting around me ?

Asked by EtherRoom (381points) May 31st, 2011

My boyfriend has gotten really comfortable and just farts sometimes when we’re together, what does this mean ? Does this mean he is way too comfortable, or is it a sign of disrespect? We’ve been together for one year and a month, and it feels like we’re a married couple. He doesn’t do it a lot, but he does it more now than when we first met. He smiles when he does it, and it’s just of funny.

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Typically, that’s a good sign. It means he’s comfortable around you. You should fart back sometime.

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Advice from my grandmother (I kid thee not) “Never marry anyone you are afraid to fart in front of”.

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@YoBob Your grandmother is a very wise woman.

It means he’s comfortable around you. If he starts aiming them at you, you should start to worry. :P

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It’s a good sign. If he starts trying to pull a “Dutch Oven” on you, then you can be concerned

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When he hands you a lighter before he farts, you should start to wonder.

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@incendiary_dan Yes she is. Of course, there is the flip side of the coin from (if memory serves) Roseanne Barr. “Just remember ladies, no matter how hot you think he is now, in 20 years you’ll be married to a lounge chair that farts.”

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It takes a certain kind of comfort around someone to be able to fart. He probably trusts you. Besides, holding in farts can contribute to him developing diverticulitis – and you want him to be healthy, right?

If my husband were too afraid to fart around me, I’d wonder what else he’s hiding.

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Oh god you should be around my family sometime. The air can be positively blue on certain nights.

It definitely means he is comfortable with you and you should take it as a good progression in your relationship.

Just for kicks eat broccoli, brussell sprouts and beans one day and then watch tv together.

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It’s a good sign. Now if he farts out America the Beautiful, head the other way.

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@tranquilsea don’t forget the boiled egg.

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@chyna I’d be impressed if my hubby did that lol.

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He’s comfortable. Even though it’s gross, you should be happy about it.

My sister has been married 11 years and still won’t fart in front of her husband. I find that extremely bizarre. I have pooped with my husband in the bathroom because he was hogging it up shaving.

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Do you fart in front of him? Assuming the answer is no, why is that?

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It is pretty tough to think through which biological functions people feel comfortable doing in company or not, and why. I suppose it is healthy to admit that it happens. On the other hand, smell can be a problem with farting. Speaking only for myself, I would hate to stink up a room, but I have no problem taking a leak in anybody’s presence. Either way, it is an encouraging sign of comfortable familiarity.

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Get used to it, I have a cousin who refused to even excuse herself to the washroom in front of a boyfriend in fear of what he might think, but that all changed when he saw her deliver their first born…...
Me personally….I dont mind it when my hubby breaks wind its natural, but I try to avoid passing gas….......if I can, sometimes you just cant help it….......ooops!

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Because it’s fun, try it.

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Wow do I feel weird right now… 18 answers before me and everyone thinks is OK! I never ever do that in front of anyone nor would I accept it if my SO did it in front of me. I was brought up that you do that in private. I like it that way. I would not allow that period. It grosses me out. I also think that at the end of the day @EtherRoom should consider what she thinks is acceptable, not what other people would accept or not. By the way she worded her question I get the feeling she is not too happy about that.

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What do you expect him to do? hold it and blow up? Everyone farts, everyone. Half the reason people in past got issues with their bowels is trying to hold in what is supposed to be released. He is comfortable, if you can not accept that he has natural bodily functions I suggest you try a blow up doll.

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@Porifera – It’s ok. I love him, and like I stated, it’s funny most of the time. We both laugh at it, I was just wondering what it meant. I don’t mind it really, it’s not like he does it on me.

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@GingerMinx – I don’t have a problem with it – I was simply asking what it meant.

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If it doesn’t bother you, then no problem. If it bothers you, you have to ask him about it. Be honest with yourself and with him.

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The longer you’re in a relationship with someone, the more you can let it all hang out when you’re together, because you’re past the point of needing to impress each other. At the beginning, people are trying extra hard to get laid, so we do things like wear sexy underwear and take each other out to nice dinners. Your boyfriend is past the point of trying to “woo” you. Consider yourself wooed. Eventually, the honeymoon stage turns into sitting around in your jammies while you watch tv, ordering a pizza and farting on the couch.

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It is a good thing that he is comfortable farting in front of you. That is a sign of trust, and security in the relationship. My wife and I will not even think twice about farting in front of one another. We also are comfortable pooping in front of one another. I would be happy about that. That is a good sign. Farting and pooping is a part of life.

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@echotech10 tell me a time you farted in front of your wife.

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Chow down on chili with lots of bell peppers and onions, then enjoy a game of “pass the football” with him. ;) Laughter is a great way to bond!

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@beyonceboy there have been many times that I have farted in front of her. There is no single time that stands out.

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My husband would loudly declare that I’m worse than he is. But I don’t think that’s true :-P

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@echotech10 well just tell me one time where you did a loud long one.

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@Haleth – I know what you mean, he still woos me which is good, but let’s see how long that lasts :)

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@pickleknuckle – I love that answer haha :D

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I think its comfort, and disrespect. I believe that he would not do that in front of someone else but you, or out in public. My husband does it anywhere, and expects other people to not even hear it. He is truely disrespectful.

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@angelique_1 does your husband fart loud in restaurants?

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@angelique_1 tell me a time he did it

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@YoBob, haha, that’s a good line!

@EtherRoom, I’ll have to echo what others have already said, since I agree with them. It is good to be able to fart comfortably around someone.

It’s a different story when one of your female friends are very oblivious of their surroundings and themselves, and thinks that nobody ever hears their farts, and always farts loudly in public places, creating a really stinky area… haha..

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@angelique_1 – My boyfriend doesn’t disrespect me, even when he farts.

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