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Creative care package for my boyfriend at summer school?

Asked by ejedlicka (267points) May 31st, 2011

This last weekend, my boyfriend moved back to our college to begin taking summer school. Our summer courses only last 5 weeks but are very intense so me coming to visit is out of the question.
As a result, I decided that I want to send him a care package with goodies to make him smile/ think of me while he’s away. He and I have been dating for 6 months but have only been official for 3 so the contents need to be sweet but not over the top and also G-rated as we aren’t sexually involved and he lives in the christian fraternity house.
I know that there are a lot of cliche ideas out there for what to put in a care package – cookies, love notes, a cd with songs and your voice, but what I’m looking for from this post is something creative and different so that he knows that I put extra time and love into his package.

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A poem you wrote yourself, or CD with a song that means something to both of you, performed either by you, or by someone else and dedicated to him and you.
His favorite food (if you can make it) otherwise a gift card to a restaurant that would deliver his favorite food.
A picture or picture album of you or you and him together.

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How about a small handbound bound book of “safe” pictures of you mounted on construction paper? Maybe one or two pictures of the two of you?

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If you can draw (even a little bit) you could make a cartoon of the 2 of you and then come up with some sort of funny/sweet caption to go along with it.

If you can’t draw, try to find a comic in the funny papers or in a magazine that just seems “perfect” for your situation.

If there is a chain restaurant or coffe place (like Starbucks) where you guys went together, at least once, get an inexpensive gift card (enough for one sandwich, or one burger and a coke, or one fancy coffee drink) and enclose that in your package. Tell him that you will be going to the same place (in your town) on such and such a date at such and such a time and that you will be enjoying a snack “together at the same time in the same place and thinking about being together, although you can’t be there physically.”

If you know he loves a particular outfit that you have, put it on and have one of your friends take a photo of you wearing that outfit holding a little sign that says “me missing you.”

Find out from his mother what his favorite cookies were from childhood (that she used to make) then have her give you a copy of the recipe, in her own handwriting, then you will make those exact cookies and send along the recipe to him.

If you can get a childhood photo of him (from his mother) then find a photo of you from approximately the same age and put the 2 pictures into one of those little double frames.

Make a cute little coupon book for him “to redeem at his leisure” with things like: one free kiss, one free neck massage, one free batch of home made cookies, one free walk in the park, one free load of laundry, one free whisper of sweet nothings, one free home cooked meal etc.

This one will take a little planning on your part, but Target and other stores will make a custom calendar for you. Put together a calendar for 2012 and have a picture of you made for each of the 12 months. Maybe one of your friends can help you by taking the pictures and finding appropriate outfits and settings. It might be a little bit difficult to figure out what to do for the December picture, but be creative, figure it out. Do you live anywhere near any pine trees? Put on a hat and gloves and a scarf, get some fake snow (or bust out your Christmas decorations). Just make sure all of the pictures really represent each of the months.

Do you wear any particular perfume or use any particular type of fabric softener that he likes the scent of? If so, put in a little piece of fabric with your perfume or other scent that you use that he likes. I was just remembering this funny episode of The Nanny, where Niles the Butler sprayed some Lemon Pledge on a piece of fabric for C.C. his soon to be wife.

You could make an outline of your hand on paper, then cut it out and put that in the package so that he can “hold your hand” any time he wants to, until you meet again. You might also want to make a lipstick kiss print, for the same reason.

Pick a date and time (either a random date, or one that has significance to you both) and tell him to go outside and look up at the moon on that date and time and make a wish. You will be doing the same thing at the same time. Maybe enclose a glow in the dark moon (that you can get at Target or Walmart in the toy dept.)

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A visit is better than any package. Even for a few minutes.

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A picture of the two of you.

Something he really likes. A booK?

Food is always good for college. Just think of a treat that he really likes.

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The original plan was a visit but there were some complications and that is no longer possible :(.
So far here is what I’ve come up with:
1. A teddy bear from build-a-bear that I made myself and sprayed with my favorite perfume and locked in a ziploc so the smell would linger – even big boys get lonely!
2. A 2-part key ring that says the verse in genesis that defines the word “mizpah” which says: “The Lord watch between me and thee while we are absent from one another.” Its basically like a best friend necklace but says that instead and I would get the other half. the one I want is this one.
3. A CD with all our favorite songs with memories associated with them.
4. A batch of fresh cookies that I made from scratch
5. A bundle of letters, however, these will each be in sealed envelopes with titles that say things like, “for when you have a big test,” “When you’re homesick,” or even funny ones like “For when you’re hungover” with little treats in each one (for example, I would put a giftcard with a small amount on it to our favorite greasy local restaurant for the hangover letter).
6. The last thing I would put in is a set of picture of me signaling the 3 signs for I (pointing at my eye) Love (making a heart with my hands) and You, pointing at the camera.

What do you guys think of that? I wasn’t sure if he would think that is silly, but I wanted it to be a little bit cheesy!

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I think if this guy doesn’t marry you, he’s a big fat loser!

Well done! I think any guy that’s worth a darn would appreciate this so much. : )

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A very sweet idea. Kudos to you!

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