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Do you love "how I met your mother" on cbs?

Asked by mollye (36points) April 25th, 2008

BEST SHOW EVER. best cast/writers ever as well. I get scared that if I like it too much it will get canceled like every other amazing sitcom still battling out with the ratings to beat reality television.

If you haven’t seen it before I’d suggest buying this episode off of itunes: Season 3 “How I met everyone else”

“dude, this black haired goth chick came by today WANNA TAP IT”

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Slap Bet… is… AWESOME!

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LEGEN….wait for it….

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I agree. It’s easily the best “traditional 3-camera” style sitcom on right now. Very sharp, funny, and original.

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it’s junk. nothing original about it. recycled jokes and a dated format.

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Wait for it…....Love the show and it has a great cast.

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It is….....wait for it…..


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Thanks to that slap bet episode my friend now has a slap coming sometime in the future. I love that show! I’m so happy new episodes have started cranking out.

And mollye- DARY!!!

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Love it! Love it! Love it !

Happy Slapsgiving ya’ll!
it’s legend…wait for it, and I hope you’re not lactose intolerant…..dary!

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I hate it. All my friends love it though.

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And I like to get knowing more aboot Robin Sparkles.

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yes, it’s legendary! i wasn’t crazy about it the first time i saw it, but then it really
grows on you.

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