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What does following a jelly mean?

Asked by Sunny2 (18817points) May 31st, 2011

If Community Feed announces that you were followed, what does that mean? Should I be looking over my shoulder? Carrying a loud whistle? Or tear gas? Packing a gun? Pretend You don’t think I’m as ignorant as I feel.

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It means any question you ask will appear in their “questions for you” section.

It’s also a way of “friending” someone on here.

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Under the “just for you” tab up there ^^, you can also click on “from people you follow”, and it will show you all questions asked by those you follow.

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Still, keep the gun and tear gas handy.

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Thank you. I wish I had more easily available questions.

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It means we’re right on your butt, and you should be prepared to run the instant our footfalls grow heavier. Bwuahahahaha!

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Don’t be silly. Anybody who is so chocolate-happy will melt at the sight of me.

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It means you worship them, and make offerings of goat blood every night to your sweet, loyal Jellies…when they follow you, if they start chanting ’‘karda…karda…KAAARDA’’ you have to appear right away and wash their dishes.

Or I mean…hm.

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It means that a jelly is currently stalking you, unless that pun is too subtle.

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