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So you're single now? What is next?

Asked by eyemadreamer (252points) June 1st, 2011

For the first time in years I am now finding myself 100% completely single. This, for me, is a rather strange notion. One which I am not completely unhappy with either, which in all honesty is also confusing!

What do you do when you find yourself in this situation? Is the best thing to step back and simply find yourself again?

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Give yourself a little time on your own. Do the things that you want to, learn something new, go to lectures, buy some new clothes, call up friends and be the one to make the plans.

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Peace, quiet & the bathroom all to yourself. Somehow, I envy you :¬)

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Everyone is different and of course, your feelings may be quite changeable. I found I became quite insular for a period of time. I just wanted to get in touch with myself again. I had children though so it kept me pretty busy and I was studying so I had a very definite routine that I had to keep to. I have a friend though who has what she calls ‘lady days’. She goes to a restaurant she has fancied visiting and she goes to the movies. She apparently does this regularly and said at first it was strange and a bit daunting but now she loves these special days when she spoils herself. Listen to your inner voice and do whatever feels right for you. Be happy.

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Find out what you like to do or always wanted to do and just do it, like tennis was something I had alway wanted to learn and I started taking lessons one day at the YMCA. Never be afraid to go out and enjoy yourself, if you want to go with a friend for dinner go, or if you want to go but no one is available just go anyway. It will feel strange at first but I found it gets easier to go alone after the first time. I will usually sit at the bar there are always plenty of people to talk to there and who is alone when you sit and eat there.

This is a wonderful time to find out what you love doing, even if its sitting home and reading a great book or doing gardening. Consider this the me time in your life, they are so rare.

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Enjoy while it lasts ^^

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Discover and become who you are and what you want, not who someone else once wanted you to be.

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Honestly, I would not know what to do, if I were single again after 45 years of being with the same great woman for so many years.

I guess I would spend the rest of my days just looking at old photographs of the wonderful 45 years we had together.

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I am going through something similar. And I am discovering I really like me.

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I think I might go a bit wild on the dating scene.

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I am single. Education comes first. Right now I am in summer school.

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Oh yeah, I totally get this question….all my life I’ve been a kid or had kids, mostly had the husband or the longtime boyfriend. Now I’m alone. No kids, no man. It is great!! I finally got to figure out what my house would look like if only I had a say in the decor. I leave a drawer of cash from a parttime bartending job and when I get home (whenever I feel like it) it is all still there. I put a cup in the sink and when I come back from work it is the only cup in the sink. I may date, I may have another man live with me, but oh not so quick….

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I am single. I never understood why life had to be lived with, through, or because of another person. While I know that sharing is great and I would love to have someone in my life to do just that, not having a partner is not the end of the world. Even if you are alone, you still have to do most of the same stuff you would if you were in a relationship. i.e. you have to go to wrok, go shopping, go running, walk you pets, watch TV, eat pizza, clean your house, etc. We can’t just reduce the experience of life as being a conjoined twin.

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Learn to be single again….and enjoy yourself. Take your time. Some people don’t feel complete unless they are in a relationship, and thats all good and fine, but don’t rush back into another. Take your time and let Love do what Love does to people. Relationships can be wonderful.

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Being single is the best. Finally, you can focus on everything way better. Sometimes, we get so caught up with someone because we’re so deeply in love that we lose track of our goals. In the beginning it is an adjustment and it is not easy but you have to live your life to the fullest. You can always find someone, but the opportunities to build up your life and finding who you are deep within only present themselves scarcely so take this chance that was given to you. don’t rush into something new and take your time to find what you really want. Never settle & you will do great in life and be the happiest person ever.

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only one thing im sure off… no to relationship for now…

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