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Which portrayal of a world leader in movies/tv do you find most impressive?

Asked by ucme (50034points) June 1st, 2011

Been loads of them I know, makes for a good selection to choose from then eh? I won’t insult anyone’s intelligence by listing examples here, I assume you all know a fair few already & I look forward to hearing your choices.

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Norman Rodway as Adolf Hitler in The Empty Mirror

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I thought President Palmer was the first sympathetic POTUS.

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I loved the King in The King’s Speech (both kings).

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I have been told Idi Amin is portrayed to a T in The Last King Of Scotland.
My choice would be Gandhi.

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I’m going with @marinelife for a recent portrayal.

I liked Martin Sheen in the West Wing.

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Don’t know if you mean an actor portraying a real leader or a fictional character, but I would say Frank Langella’s Nixon in Frost/Nixon or Josh Brolin in W were two of the best portrayals of a real leader.

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I would’ve thought unless otherwise stipulated that “real” leaders should’ve been taken as the intent, but anyway.

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@ucme That was what I assumed but others haven’t.

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@rebbel Well, you’re just a crazy Dutchman so what can we expect?

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The philosophic and romantic portrayal of Che Guevara in Evita makes me cringe. He was a hard man.

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Well it wouldn’t be the same if fluther didn’t throw up the odd misunderstanding.
Cheers folks, good stuff :¬)

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Poll Pot from the Killing Fields.

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@filmfan I would say Whitaker for sure! He’s amazing. Also, Gibson portraying Sgt. Moore in We Were Soldiers.

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