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Can someone recommend me a band that sounds like the fratellis?

Asked by benjamin6 (148points) April 25th, 2008

when i walk to class in the morning, i like to listen to the fratellis…they are happy sounding and wake me up. but it’s getting old…any suggestions of something similar?

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kevbo's avatar is great for finding something similar to what you like.

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If it’s getting old, you should listen to something in a similar genre… but listening to a Fratellis rip-off probably isn’t the way forward.

Take a look at similar artists on the left hand side:

Pandora is also a great site, as Kevbo suggested (provided you live in the US).

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The Kooks
Arctic Monkeys
The Libertines
Dirty Pretty Things
Kaiser Chiefs

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If you want “happy” then I’d go back in time and find other bands early albums before they get too serious. You could try Supergrass, and even further back Madness .

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Check out music map for some similar artists.

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I actually can recommend the Green Day Side project which is Foxboro Hot Tubs. Fun music and I can’t claim to be much of a GD fan.

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