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What are some poetry magazines/contests that accept online submissions?

Asked by TexasDude (25244points) June 1st, 2011

My professors, friends, and family are all begging me to submit some of my poetry to a poetry review magazine or a contest. I am extremely lazy, however, and I thrive on instant gratification, so sifting through my 2011 copy of Writer’s Market and my various issues of Writer’s Digest isn’t doing me any good at the moment.

With that in mind, do any of you lovelies know of any poetry magazines/journals/reviews or contests that accept online submissions either through a website or via email? I’d be happy to see any suggestions, and I’d be doubly happy if those suggestions offered cash prizes or compensation or royalties for being published.

Thanks in advance.



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Holy cow. Thank you, @marinelife!

Question is still open for other takers.

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I hope you will let us know when you are published on one of these sites so we can read your work too.

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@Bellatrix I sure will! One of my favorites is available in my profile

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Beat me to it! ;-)
And…don;t forget your 2011 Poets market, they list all contests as well.

Fellow poets unite!

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Poets & Writers magazine is another good resource.

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@Coloma, yeah, I need to pick up a copy of that. I keep meaning to, but I always forget. I reckon I’ll have to order one.

@Jeruba I actually picked up an issue today!

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