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I'm looking for a scare the crap out of you horror movie. Suggestions?

Asked by Jude (32134points) June 1st, 2011

I like supernatural stuff.

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The Exorcist….you can’t go wrong with that one.

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I am checking out Canadian Netflix now and it sucksass. Trying to find something decent.

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The original Texas Chainsaw Masacre. Watch it with a yellowish bare lightbulb turned on in the room, the window slightly open to invite the breeze in and run an old fashioned table fan beside the tv to distort the sound just enough to mimic being out on a rural farm.

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Paranormal Activity one and two are good…I prefer the first, it’s got that whole spook thing going on, without being too extreme.

Also you may all laugh at me now, but I thought that Blair Witch Project II was some decently scary business.

But if you want the best, go for Cookers.

@Neizvestnaya Awesome. Just awesome. I am so doing that. Even though I saw em all a million times lol.

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A black and white movie called, Children Don’t Play With Dead Things.

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Thanks! I’ve seen them all except Cookers and Children Don’t Play With Dead Things.

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Definitely check out Cookers! The last 15 minutes is pushed over the edge…but I swear, the rest of it is great. They know how to build atmosphere, and how to make you piss your pants every now and then. Never seen anything quite like it.

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Rose Red always freaked me out for some reason, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen it.

Session 9 is a good supernatural thriller that is more eerie than balls out scary.

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Alien and Aliens
The Omen
The Exorcist
Silence Of The Lambs
The Blair Witch Project

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Session 9 definitely is special…

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@Symbeline Have you seen that human centipede movie where people are surgically connected by shoving their heads up each others asses? That looks like a bizarre movie.

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…still haven’t, but I really want to see it. It’s just not anywhere for me to rent or buy. :/

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@bkcunningham I saw that a few months ago. :)

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Rosemary’s Baby?

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The Changeling (with George C. Scott) was scary.

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@bkcunningham Good one. I didn’t find it scary, but the ending is damn disturbing…plus it’s a good, classic movie. :)

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The seance is awesome at 7:20.

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Continues here.

Saw this for the first time at 13. Scared the shit out of me.

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Drag Me To Hell

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I second @Symbeline‘s choice of Paranormal Activity. Do not watch it alone!

And for something a little nostalgic, but extremely scary nonetheless, I would recommend a made for TV movie called Trilogy of Terror (the third part in the trilogy starring Karen Black). Scared the living bejeezus out of me and my brother when we were kids.

Poltergeist is pretty scary too, it’s got creepy suspense and horrifically realistic monster/demon/ghost thingees.

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@Kardamom Lol. I don’t know who was the better actor/actress, Karen Black or that terrifying warrior doll! ( remember you can’t keep em in the suitcase )

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This isn’t great, but off the beaten path. I just randomly saw it on Netflix the other night and thought that, although kinda low budget with some shitty acting, was surprisingly creepy. It’s about some ghost hunters in John Wayne Gacy’s old house.

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You’ve had a lot of good suggestions already. Did anyone mention The Shining?

These aren’t necessarily the scariest movies I’ve ever seen, but all are good:

The Wolfman
The Crazies

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The only movie to “scare the crap” out of me was Paranormal Activity. I watched it on my own and ended up sleeping with the light on for three nights. My friends and my brother (who is not at all easily scared) told me not to watch it on my own but I got cocky especially as it isn’t really scary until the final 20 minutres or so. I haven’t plucked up enough courage to watch the sequal yet.

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@Kardamom yeah, that cool doll movie haha.

@augustlan Quarantine; heck yeah.

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“I Saw The Devil”

I learned two things during that movie:

1. Never take a cab.
2. Everyone in Korea is a serial killer. Everyone.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Hell yeah, good to see you.

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