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Have there been any cases of child neglect near, or where you live that you know of?

Asked by MilkyWay (13723points) June 1st, 2011

I’m doing some research and a survey on child neglect worldwide as an important project for school. Any participation would be greatly helpful and informative. Do you know of any cases of child neglect from where your from? Know any details of the case? Any answers will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Clarification: Are we talking only about child neglect so severe that Child Protective Services actually got involved?

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No, any kind of child neglect. Thanks.

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@queenie Check out this link The sad fact is this wasn’t the first time the 18mth old and 7mth old were left like this, it wasn’t the first time she was caught in this state. I will private message you with more details that I do know about this, since it involves children I don’t want this on the internet.

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Thank you both @creative1 and @MyNewtBoobs .
I understand it is a sensitive subject.

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Yes. There were approximately 600 individually reported incidents of child neglect reported to Children’s services in this area in the last year. I can look for individual cases if you give me a chance to dig through old news stories, I remember a couple of particularly sad reports. I live in an area that is severely economically depressed, and has been since long before the recession, and poverty is considered to be one of the factors that influence likelihood of neglect. I can give you more detailed info about my specific location or whatever else you’d like to know in a PM.

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A horrific case happened last year, in my city. The story was released only last week because it took a year to charge the man. It is just horrible ..and I’m not going to describe it.

Here’s the link.

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In the UK there were two that have been in the news – Victoria Climbie and Baby P/Baby Peter. Both died.

Also the case in Germany where the man kept his daughter in the basement and fathered children by her – Josef Fritzl

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Cincinnati resources

Most child abuse occurs within the family, often by parents or relatives who themselves were abused as children. Neglect and mistreatment of children is also more common in families living in poverty and among parents who are teenagers or are drug or alcohol abusers. According to the American Bar Association, child protective services agencies received nearly 3.2 million reports of child maltreatment but were only able to investigate a little more than half of these cases.

Two people I work with have teens with babies who are in the court system for neglect. The babies are going to be taken away from the parents, and awarded to the grandparents to raise. Grandparents aren’t happy about it.

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Oh gosh! Thank you for all the information guys. It sad and sickening to know how so many children are neglected and abused in this way… I hope my presentation will make a difference to the community and help them realise just how serious this matter is. Once again, thanks you for your links and help.

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The American Humane Association has a lot of info on it.

I have a friend who is a social worker, and she says that the average citizen has no idea the amount of neglect and abuse happening in their neighborhoods. She always tells me “you don’t want to know.” I’ve learned not to press her for details, because then she’ll tell me some story about what she saw last week. I usually end up stopping her with “you’re right, I don’t want to know about this.”

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@GladysMensch You are correct you don’t want to know, after becoming a foster parent and getting to know some social workers and other foster parents I never knew what kind of world I really lived in. I feel for these kids, now I know whats it means and what they may have been through when you hear on TV a kid grew up in the foster care system.

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