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Why do my video files from my Flip Video only play the audio when exported from iMovie?

Asked by row4food (3039points) April 25th, 2008

I am making a video from a Flip Video Ultra, intended to be used on youtube and an eCommerce website. I imported the .AVI files directly from the camera into iMovie ‘08. The video plays in iMovie and the .AVI files play in Quicktime. As soon as I export them to the .m4v the video is gone (black screen) and only the audio remains. (in both QuickTime and iTunes) I have made no edits as of yet. Just wanted to share the initial file, but it doesn’t appear to me that it will be any different when I am done editing…

I also tried copying the files to my desktop first and importing from there. Same problem.

Is there something I am doing wrong, or something I should know? (I’m pretty new to video editing.)

Yesterday I was able to make a “movie” of images with an audio track. That process went very well and was exported to youtube with no trouble at all. And the m4v file plays as one would expect.

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In a situation such as yours, I would contact a person known as a computer “geek,” because that individual is an expert at solving computer problems, and many of them are right in your town, and can physically come over to your place to consult with you, “first-hand,” to attempt to solve your dilemma.

The “beauty” of using these computer-obsessed individuals (who eat, drink, sleep and dream computers) is that many of them will charge you a reasonable fee, ONLY if they are able to solve your problem, and if they cannot, their consultation is free.

I’ve had very good luck with them, on occasion, and there has been no problem of mine on which they could NOT render a solution. But, in all fairness, I don’t think any of my problems have ever been as complex as the one you describe.

I can’t remember the name of the online service I used, but it was a card I purchased at the now-defunct COMP USA, where $20 got you “unlimited consultation” for 30 days.

Being a newbie to computers at that time, I could communicate with computer experts via a toll-free phone conversation, or in a real-time chat, and in the case of the real-time chat, the “geek” could actually take control of my computer via his own, and attempt to fix whatever was wrong.

It worked for me, and I was totally satisfied with this service, and felt that I had gotten the worth of the fee ($20) I had paid for the unlimited consultations (within a 30-day period).

You might wish to consider a similar option, if such appeals to you.

I hope your problem can be solved to your complete satisfaction, based on what you wish to accomplish, and with the equipment that you currently own.

Hopefully, no new equipment purchases will be necessary to “fix” the issues you have.

August 24, 2008, 8:53 AM EDT

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