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Will urinating along my property's perimeter prevent animals from trespassing?

Asked by FutureMemory (24743points) June 2nd, 2011

A few days ago I peed in the backyard because the bathroom was occupied and I just couldn’t wait. This is what I thought about while peeing.


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No, not all animals not all animals are territorial. It depends on the animal in question. Some animals are actually attracted to the salt in our urine. Some people will swear that their urine keeps a certain animal away ..but then others will sware otherwise. I think with some animals it’s a hit and miss. ;)

The best urine repellents are the target animal’s predator’s urine.

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Lurvin’ the tags.

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No. In the multiple decades I have been peeing in and around my property I have never observed any animal shying away as a result. In fact, my yard is somewhat of an urban oasis. If anything, I have a disproportionate number of critters visit my yard in spite of the fact that I frequently “mark my territory”.

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Nope. After years of testing, I’ve seen no effect whatsoever. Only the electric fence works.

Safety tip – Don’t pee on the fence.
Use your imagination.

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Ever take a dog for a walk? They seek out where the other dogs have pissed. They’re specifically marking it as their territory because the other dog is obviously wrong.

My guess, most animals would ignore it as it’s likely the wrong kind of scent. What kind of respectable carnivore worth fearing eats asparagus anyway? The animals that would take note would likely step up to the challenge to mark your territory as their own.

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I have no idea, but the mental picture of you marking your territory is a kick. I assume you don’t have neighbors to observe your procedure. Do you have to drink a lot of water to get all the way around the property? Do you carry the garden hose with you?
I apologize for making fun of the serious question you’re asking, but hey, “Picture this!”

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It might help to keep some of the neighbors out of your yard.

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No, but it will probably prevent possible suitors from coming near you.

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I doubt it, but velociraptor urine might work.

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Good points all around.

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