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Do you find that some women look better without make-up?

Asked by Jude (32098points) June 2nd, 2011

I have a friend from high school who wears a bunch of make-up. She really doesn’t need it. In fact, she’s even more beautiful without it. =)

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I think when people don’t know what they’re doing with the makeup and they put on way too much, then they’re better off without. However, (just my opinion) when the makeup is applied correctly, it can enhance the wearer’s looks.

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I find with make up, less is more… the less of the stuff you use the better you look. I think people look better more natural the look

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I feel like I’ve seen this question before, but I’ll say it again Every woman looks better with the right type of makeup applied correctly. I think most people are so used to seeing horrible makeup jobs that they figure not using anything at all is the best way to go. That’s fine, but some makeup is always helpful.

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I think if you wear too much, it makes you look old.

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Yes. All women look better without makeup. I am dead serious.

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I like it slathered on so much that she plays to my clown fetish.

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In my personal opinion, I always seem to find women are most attractive when they have a tiny bit of makeup on and when I say tiny, I literally mean mascara and maybe lipgloss. Heavy makeup tends to look gooey or waxy to me and that isn’t a good look. I know a girl who wears so much makeup that she just looks like she needs a bloody good wash. I wear mascara to give my eyes that extra pop and lip gloss to keep my lips soft and healthy but other than that, my face is nekkid.

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Women usually look younger without make-up, especially if they are under the age of 40, in my opinion. But, they many times are more attractive with make-up if it is done well. I get many many more compliments when I have make-up on, and people who always see me without make-up, when they finally see me with make-up have some sort of positive comment to offer. In the reverse people who always see me with make-up, when they see me without usually ask me what’s wrong or if I am sick.

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Some women definitely look better without makeup. Some, though, really do benefit from a little touch here and there. I wear a little, but not a ton. Eyeliner and mascara, and a touch of concealer here and there if I need it. I wear less in the summer, since there’s not much point in putting it all on if you’re just going to sweat it all off.

And I’m with @JLeslie and @noelleptc – classmates and coworkers always think I’m sick if I’m not wearing any.

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Less is more. As long as it’s used to enhance one’s features it helps. Using make-up as a mask is never attractive.

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My wife was this way. She was a model of womens clothing back in the 60s. Her face was flawless. Adding makeup only covered-up her beautiful skin. As we dated, I eventually talked her into not wearing any makeup, at all. She received many compliments.

She had her babyface complexion back then and still today.

I think I still love her just a little bit….just the way she is.

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No. Not every woman. I mean come on lets be real here. Sometimes seeing people without make up is a nightmare.
I personally think that it doesn’t matter if they wear too much or less make up because what I think matters is that they don’t cake it on… they should apply it smoothily and have a dewy finish. That is attractive.
What I am really trying to say is that it doesn’t matter how much make up they wear what matters is that they know how to use it.

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@noelleptc @JLeslie It’s never good to get “what happened to your face?” when you’re not wearing makeup. I prefer not to take the risk…

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@nailpolishfanatic Interesting you mention the dewy finish. My husband hates that look, and it is very tough now to find Matte Finish foundation, I agree with him, I prefer matte typically.

@Facade What do you mean? Are you saying I should always wear make-up?

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I have rosacea and my face is always red. I’m not that bothered by the red but the comments I get from people about my redness bother me so I cover it up with foundation.

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Absolutely. Because not all women wear makeup and all women are beautiful in thier own way. Not all women need it. I don’t wear makeup. (Considering Im 13.)I also have Rosecea all over my cheeks, and sometimes makeup hurts it or makes it look worse. So I don’t generally want to wear makeup anyway.

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@JLeslie I’m saying that I, personally, am not comfortable with being told that I look horrible, so I wear makeup. Of course, it’s up to the individual. But, maybe you’ve never experienced people really noticing when you’re not wearing makeup. Luck you! =)
@noelleptc Joking or not, I’m sensitive dammit!

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I have always looked best with light makeup.
Being fair skinned and naturally blonde with blue eyes.

I wear a light compact type, sponge on foundation, a primer, sometimes, subtle blush, light finishing powder and more natural shades of lipsticks.

I think I look like a hooker when I wear eye shadow and mascara. lol

For dress up evenings I will brighten my lipstick up, maybe use a little goldish eye shadow, but, no mascara. I look best au natural, even at 51.

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@Facade I am saying I experience it all of the time. Like Oprah says, “this is how I look without makeup.” I am not going to worry about wearing make-up to the gym or pool. People need to get a grip and realize what women look like without make-up. I love make-up, don’t get me wrong. I glam it up when I go out, everything you can use on your face, foundation, powder, blush, two shades of eyeliner, two mascaras, eyeshadow, lipliner, lipstick and gloss.

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I prefer women not to wear makeup. So I guess I think that women look more real without makeup, and that’s more important to me than women looking made up.

I don’t mind make up when it’s a game—you’re playing a part, such as vamp or politician or whatever. But for personal relationships, I prefer nothing.

A lot of women seem insecure without makeup. Like they’ll even get up in the morning before their husband wakes to put on makeup so the husband won’t know what they look like without it. I guess some men care about these things. But that plays into the idea that looks are the most important things. I just prefer a different aesthetic, I guess.

I also think that women prepare themselves to look good more for other women than they do for men. Perhaps they get more feedback from women then men, and the feedback they do get from men is often kind of unwanted—catcalls and such.

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My husband says he doesn’t like when I only wear a little bit. He likes none or the whole thing done. A little mascara, or some lipstick, and he thinks it is odd.

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I think a lot of men think their wives wear no makeup, when in reality, the wife knows just to wear an amount that the man cannot detect, but still enhances her beauty.

i wear moisturizer with sunscreen (the most important thing and I wear it even when I go without makeup), two shades of eye shadow, eye liner and mascara. I know if I don’t wear makeup I look very white. When I wear lipstick (rare occasions) people tell me “You look good today” but they can’t figure out why.

I think I am a person who looks better with makeup and I only go without it if I am running to the store or something. Even then, I always wear my moisturizer with sunscreen.

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I look better without it. :)

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IMO Makeup just hides the real deal. Some makeup though for when a woman gets dolled up completes the “look” and can add to that look for sure but I prefer little to no makeup.

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I look better with a little on.

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@JLeslie Oh really? Guess your man has some style lol if he even knows what dewy finish and matte are because I don’t think there are enough men who care for those. It so cool ;)
Thanks for filling me in about the it being difficult to find dewy finish foundations. I had no idea… and the reason being is that I have never tried them.
Have you tried NARS?

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I quit wearing make up ages ago and my complexion is better now than it was when I was in my 20’s. the only time I do some mascara and lip gloss is if we’re heading out for something formal like a wedding… otherwise, I prefer to go au natural

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I only wear makeup when im going out, but im not made up like a clown, or anything.

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Everyone should do whatever they want to feel comfortable. Wear makeup, a hockey mask, clown mask, eye patch. Whatever works. Makeup makes me uncomfortable for many reasons.

It seems to me that women wear makeup to impress other women. Every man I know seems to think it looks ridiculous. Mascara, lipstick, etc. It smacks of tranny to me (not that there is anything wrong with that).

I am a heterosexual man, and I find women – real women – attractive. I don’t like people who look like plastic. I find blemish-free skin on a 40-year-old women downright scary.

I have also been told that because I am a feminist, I have subconsciously turned my political beliefs about beauty and women into my own true tastes. I have yet to hear a valid argument on this one. If you are a heterosexual man who claims to be attracted to women, I find it very difficult to believe that you would find plastic creepiness more desirable than a real women.

I met my wife in college, and in the 18 years we’ve been together, she has worn makeup a handful of times. I am glad. She is beautiful exactly as she is. No paint required.

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@nailpolishfanatic Difficult to find matte.

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That is sweet for you to say.

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@JLeslie Oh sorry. I think my brain may be a little too tired… that I can’t even read correctly.

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I think I look better without it. Like @christine215, I haven’t worn makeup for about 15 years now. The most is lipgloss and mascara if I go out to a nice restaurant (which happens maybe once every 5 years). My complexion is better than it was when I was in my 20s. I’m 40 now.

I do agree with @wundayatta and @tom_g. I think many women wear makeup to impress other women, not the men in their life. (I said many women, not all and not most.) I have received unfavorable comments from men when I wore makeup, and I’ve received unfavorable comments from women when I don’t. I’ve never known a man to tell me “You need to wear more makeup”. This is just my experience. I’m not putting down women who wear makeup.

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Gorgeous men look fabulous without makeup. Most people would think it’s silly for men to run around with lipstick and eyeliner (unless they’re a tranny or in a Goth band) It’s their natural look. I can’t figure out why people don’t think that women, in their natural state can look gorgeous too. It’s as though there is something wrong with women in their natural state.

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@Kardamom It’s as though there is something wrong with women in their natural state.

I agree with you. Many women have commented how I would look so much better with a little makeup. I find it insulting when they say this to me. I don’t tell them they should tone it down a bit.

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@Kardamom Part of it is what we are accustomed to seeing I would think. An expectation put out there for women to look a certain way, and we get used to it. It is also an effort for women to mimic younger women. Young ladies typically have naturally red lips and rosy cheeks and longer lashes, as we age we tend to fade. Sigh. Men, in our society, are admired for being mature, rugged, flawed even.

It also is a sex thing. Outline those nice thick lips and paint them in with red so a guy can imagine them around his dick. Crude but true I think. At minimum kissing them. Blush to represent an aroused state. Outline eyes, supposedly we can perceive pupils growing in diameter which happens during attraction. When they air brush models they frequently increase the models pupil size in the photo. Long lashes reinforce a state of good health.

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@JLeslie: “Young ladies typically have naturally red lips and rosy cheeks and longer lashes, as we age we tend to fade. Sigh. Men, in society are admired for being mature, rugged, flawed even.”
Right. Imagine if men started wearing makeup that added rugged lines or flaws to their appearance. First of all, it would look ridiculous. You would be able to see clearly that this is just makeup.
Women who wear makeup don’t look younger. That is just a fact. They look like they are wearing makeup in an attempt to look younger. There is something sad and tragic about that.
Sure, there are evolutionary reasons why men might find youth and healthiness signs of beauty (signs of fertility, etc). This doesn’t mean that all heterosexual men don’t find older women attractive. Female beauty doesn’t expire at 21. And there is something to be said about the confidence that comes with age. Slapping paint on that strips the confidence part away and replaces it with a pile of sadness.

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@noelleptc I loved the long hair on the 70’s era bands, but the 80’s bands with all of the hair spray and make up didn’t do a thing for me.

@JLeslie It’s too bad that “society” figures that women have to be made up to look like sex tarts. My grandparents were sexually active up until the end of their lives. Grandma wasn’t wearing red lipstick and eye liner, she was chubby and saggy and elderly, but Grandpa didn’t care, he had the hots for her because she was his wife and he loved her.

And like @wundayatta said, I think most women wear makeup to impress other women. Men probably don’t care, because in general, they will have sex with whomever they can get. That’s why super gorgeous women get all bent out of shape when their boyfriend cheats on them with a dumpy, mousy girl. Rather than just thinking, “This guy is a douche-bag because he’s a cheater.”

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I used to work in an environment where almost all of the women wore make-up. Some overdid it; some looked nice IMO. Then there was the handful that didn’t wear make-up, other than for an occasional event.

Here is what I find interesting: On the rare occasion that I was privy to a view of the ‘painted ladies’ without their make-up on, it was a bit of an initial shock because it was out of the norm. It was the same reaction for those that only used make-up for a special event. It looked off, and I didn’t find them any more attractive than they were in their natural state.

So it seems to me that it has to do with adjusting to one’s looks when there is a change a make-up application. It sounds as if @noelleptc gave an example of this by sharing that her father thinks she looks sick when she isn’t wearing make-up. My guess is that he is just used to seeing her with it on. I hope that he is just teasing you. :)

And if this theory is correct, then @Cruiser‘s post would probably support it: “IMO Makeup just hides the real deal.” How many make-up wearers have taken up with a new love interest and worried about the new partner’s reaction when they saw them without it? How many have made the dash to the bathroom to apply it before love interest caught a glance at their naked face?

As a female that used to refuse to leave the house without make-up on, I finally gave it up a few years ago when I met my SO. He said that he didn’t see a need for it. The foundation and eyeliner is long gone. I still have a powder compact, but haven’t touched it in a long time. The mascara was really hard to give up, but the left hand finally pried the tube out of the right hand and tossed it in the trash.

Like @christine215, my complexion hasn’t experienced a breakout since. It has been a cost- and time-saving advantage. And on a final note, all of those small containers are not going into a landfill.

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Joan Rivers looks better with makeup… lots and lots of makeup!

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@tom_g I agree with most of what you said. The thing is there is no getting around that I get more attention, and am treated better, when I have make-up on. So it might be an unfortunate fact of our society, but it is a fact in my experience. It is not just age, it is part of being put together and taken seriously. How one dresses, carries themselves, and even make-up. It depends on the situation.

@Kardamom Your grandparents were in love. When dealing with the outside world it is a little different. In terms of sex tarts, I hate thay part too. But, enhancing certain features because I have faded doesn’t drive me crazy, altough I wish it were not the case. I wish age was more respected in America, and a few wrinkles meant we deserve to be asked and listened to more for our wisdom.

Even in our English language we say we are 43 years old. while in languages like Spanish they say I have 43 years. I like the Spanish better.

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I know plenty of women like that, yes.

I am NOT one of them. I have high cheekbones and allergies, which means that I have perpetually dark circles under my eyes – regardless of how much sleep I get. I’m also very fair skinned, and my eyelashes are blonde. I don’t look well without a touch of makeup. People will actually tell me that I look sick or tired. I’ve had total strangers ask me if I pulled an all nighter, simply because I walked into a store or out into public without makeup on.

Some of us really do need it. Most, however, do not.

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When I was a teenager I wore makeup every day. Mostly because I was tying to hide a bad breakout. That habit continued until my daughter was born and once I was at home I hardly ever put it on as I was too busy raising kids.

I’ve recently been wearing eyeliner and mascara more but I still go au natural much more than I wear makeup.

The thing that has really bothered me has been other people’s reactions (random encounters) when I have been wearing makeup. People are nicer to me. The people who know me haven’t commented one way or another. Well I guess that’s not exactly true as my kids will say, “Wow mom you look great” when I really make the effort.

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I think women would be better off embracing the attitude Europeans have towards beauty. Take care of your skin and body rather than cover up the flaws.

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And, even when I was younger, I am so pale, people ask me if I am sick if I have no make-up on, total strangers even. My MIL has told me twice how great my complexion looks, more color, when I had no make-up on, obviously she knows when it is from make-up. One time when I had my ectopic pregnancy and I was in quite a bit of discomfort and upset, and another when I had a high fever. Lol.

JLeslie's avatar

@tranquilsea Nicer, and take you more seriously I would think. If I need to return something to a store, and I think they might give me a hard time, I always put on my make-up. There have been studies showing doctors treat patients better who are dressed professionally, make-up I would think is part of that.

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To all, I just realized that I am being pretty uncool. I apologize. As long as wearing makeup makes you feel better, or provides for more attention (if that’s what you are looking for), etc. then who am I to judge that.
I am not a woman, and therefore should probably stop lecturing women about confidence and beauty. So I hope you’ll ignore the arrogance in my posts. My attempt was to express my opinion on something that I feel very strongly about. It’s just my opinion and my personal taste.

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@tom_g It is not always attention, as in center of attention, it is trying to be treated with respect, to not be ignored, to not have someone look right past you or dismiss you. This happens to women all of the time, not taken seriously.

Sometimes it is attention, like walk into a party or club and wanting eyes to be on you, to feel very pretty.

That is the difference between my every day make-up and more glammed up make-up. Meanwhile, I only where make-up about 50% of the time.

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@Facade that would be great for all those people who have great skin. My family is not so blessed. It was either cover-up or ridicule or medication. Cover-up seemed the easiest option.

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@tranquilsea People have great skin for a reason. It’s a lifestyle thing, but whatever floats your boat.

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@Facade I have a nice complexion. I still require makeup. All of the drinking water and vitamin rich diets in the world won’t darken my eyelashes or lower my cheekbones. Some of us are just not blessed with natural beauty.

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I wonder about this perception that people treat you better when you have make-up on. Is there any objective way of showing this to be true? And who are the people? Women? Or men and women?

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

@wundayatta “Customers whose clothes were rated as more fashionable and attractive, and who showed better grooming and make-up skills, received better service than those whose appearance was not rated as highly.”
First random source in a quickie Google search.

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I have very good skin, a little too many wrinkles around the eyes now, but I am not blemmished, just very pale.

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@JLeslie Have you tried Revlon Color Stay foundation? It gives a nice matte finish. Also matte NARS Powder Foundation (my shade is Fuji) :)
@nailpolishfanatic Do you have Orgasm? I do and love it!!

There are many reasons why women wear makeup. Actually needing makeup is only one of them. Women need to wear makeup if they have rosacea, blemishes, uneven skin tone, scarce lashes or eyebrows, etc. Other than that, makeup can be worn because:
-It’s fun.
-It’s feminine.
-It complements your entire look (hair, clothes, etc) to suit your particular style.
-It enhances your best features.
I have worn makeup since I was 15 and my skin looks great for my age (50) so I think it’s a myth that makeup is not good for your skin, On the contrary, it acts as a protective shield.
A woman who is ugly would still be ugly with or without makeup. Likewise, a pretty woman would be pretty with or without it. It is what it is. And ultimately beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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Sweet holy moly, many times when the guys and I are talking there are two things about women that come up almost more than anything else; makeup and fake boobs. The thought many men have is ”what is she hiding under that makeup?” If you are naturally pretty you will not need hardly any makeup, maybe a little mascara and lip gloss and you are good to go. When watching Survivor some of those gals looked better on the island when they didn’t have all the war paint on, they show up at the Reunion Show and they don’t look nearly as attractive, I think the US society has indoctrinated whole generations to believe that you look sick or unhealthy if you don’t have all the war paint on. 97% of all the models in the magazines have all this gunk on their face so it would be easy for boys growing up to see that as normal for a woman to look like, same with the big fake boob thing. They say less is more and when it comes to makeup, I say way less equals much, much more.

There are some women who need make up really but most just think they really need it.

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@Facade nice judgment on my lifestyle. I’ll let my sister know (who has struggled with cystic acne) that she just needs to adjust her lifestyle.

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I pretty much always wear makeup because I want to be a makeup artist and like to experiment. Makeup looks its best with a smooth application and when you use the right shades for yourself.

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In my opinion, make up is a fraud that advertisers have foisted on people. I don’t use it and I don’t see why anyone would. I was raised in a family that did not use makeup for religious reasons, but the rules changed over time, as more and more people became brainwashed.

Edit to add: Even poor people who can’t afford food wear makeup. It’s crazy.

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@YARNLADY It’s true. When I worked in the fragrance and cosmetics biz we used to say that rich and poor spend the same $50 on a bottle of perfume.

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@Facade… sure just drink more water and eat fresh food and boom clear skin! Because EVERYONE knows that hormones, bacteria and the abnormal development of skin cells has NOTHING to do with it
please tell me what wold you live in that this is true? we could certainly save the self esteem of so many people with scarring acne!

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@Porifera I am lost here… are you talking about orgasm or orgasm blush by NARS? ;) I have neither… lol

Porifera's avatar

@nailpolishfanatic LOL…obviously the NARS best seller blush you naughty girl ;) Though you should go and get both ASAP…

nailpolishfanatic's avatar

@Porifera Hahaha. Unfortunately I think the blush will make me look like a clown. I think my skin tone is a little too dark :(
But OMG yesterday I think I may have found my very first blush that matches me and shows on my skin. It was like a dark plum… I am saving for it ;)

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nailpolishfanatic's avatar

@noelleptc I have heard so many things about it :) Do you think its worth the money?

Actually I just found out that NARS products aren’t sold in Iceland! :(
So I won’t have any orgasms :)

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nailpolishfanatic's avatar

@noelleptc Oh no its way too expensive buying stuff online from overseas. But I will be visiting the States very soon so I will go a little crazy on all the make up and other things that are not sold here. Also its cheaper there :)

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nailpolishfanatic's avatar

@noelleptc No! Well we just have the normal drugstores and there they sell all kinds of beauty stuff. We have M.A.C as well but daaamn its expensive lol.
Since I am a Youtube make up/beauty video watcher addict I have heard so many things about Sephora. I can’t wait to go there:)

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Girls with freckles and a cute nose got it all going on in my eyes!

YARNLADY's avatar

@BeckyKytty Are you referring to girls (under 18) or women?

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If you don’t want males to be predators stop looking like prey! The Signals you give off are VERY confusing. Its not only make-up, its toenail polish, high heel shoes, tight pants, see through blouses and skirts, thongs AD NAUSEAUM. Hey women, why not try NOT wearing all that “Man-repellant” and look more natural. We love you as you are, plain and simple. Your skin IS your largest organ, respect it. Do you know there are over 28 toxic chemicals in Make-up. If you’re making more than a guy, go up and ask him out, for his phone number, initiate the FIRST kiss (not after HE’s kissed you) undo the FIRST button, caress the FIRST private part and stop teasing him. Type up Rod Van Mechelen and go to his BACKLASH page and educate yourself of what is really happening with men!
Give a man a card from…er… lets say MAN WATCHERS INTERNATIONAL, and PRINT “You have been certified as well worth watching” Put little boxes for EX: You have….legs, ....bottom….nice smile…..etc and hand it to him. GIVE US THE WARM FUZZIES FOR A CHANGE, WE HATE THE COLD PRICKLIES OF BEING REJECTED FOR STARTERS AND/ OR BEING CALLED HEAVIES, BRUTES, SEX HARASSERS, RAPISTS ETC, AND HAVING TO TAKE THE SEXUAL ALL THE TIME???? There I’ve said it….BOO…
WE LOVE YOU THE WAY YOU ARE not something plastic!

Pied_Pfeffer's avatar

@artashes Welcome to Fluther!

While I agree with your point that women should learn to embrace their natural look, the rest of the comments, in my opinion, seem a bit ridiculous. Why would a man consider a woman prey just because of the way she dressed or what she applied to her body? Sure, there are some that do, but they clearly do not understand why she does that, unless she is in a Red Light district and out to make some money. Even then, that doesn’t make her prey. It is just a business transaction.

There are women that do pursue a potential partner. Some are more obvious about it than others. Maybe their subtle acts and the lack of your male friends sharing the story about how their relationships started leaves you in the dark to this fact.

artashes's avatar

Thanks for the welcome Pied Pfeffer. Come now, you don’t know me so stop with the personal attacks. I’ve been married twice and happy being single. Do your due diligence, study the work of Dr. Herb Goldberg PhD “The Hazards of being Male” Dr.Warren Farrell PhD “The Myth of Male Power” Fred Hayward from Men’s Right Inc Sacramento, CA. and of course Rod Van Mechelen before you shoot off the cuff. I’m friends with every and am a Professional Yoga Teacher (now well over 29 years) been there, done that. Also type in Marc H.Rudov “The no nonsense guy”

Business transaction? Whoring is a business transaction? Shows where your head is at, you’ve been hanging out at hotel rooms for too long….duh

I’m just asking for equal parity woman.
1) Men in 1927 lived one year shorter lifespans than women, nowadays its like Eight years shorter lifespans, go to any Assisted Living facility and check out who’s there, old ladies, their men “kicked the bucket” 8 or more years ago…
2) Men arrive on this planet and are circumcised (genitally mutilated is more correct) WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT, then they are put in pants and later sent to wars to get killed so they can proove their provider/protector gender role conditioning. Men are almost always required to take the sexual initiative, and since Men are the actors (and never re-actors as are women) they are always deemed at fault, and since reactors never start anything, hence Men are always blamed (hence my comment above) and to make matters worse, they are always blamed, and called heavies and brutes. Whilst Women are allowed to decorate themselves, Men are restricted and trained to be cannon fodder?
WE, ALL OF US! BOTH GENDERS NEED TO COME OUT OF THIS GENDER TRAP CONDITIONING (women are sex objects, men success objects paradigm) AND LIBERATE OURSELVES! So go send a man some flowers, pay for his date, etc NO NOT YOU you have already got your success object all squared away and found your dream place in a small town in England…duh.
3) Equal rights for Fathers and Divorce Reform needed.
4)Male Bashing on Mainstream and womans magazines
5) ever seen these CFNM (Clothed Females Naked Male) events, it started in the UK you know from the movie “The Full Monty” the things these women do to men would make a sailor blush. Go ahead you’re going to the UK check it out. Its the rage there.


ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

@artashes I doubt that anyone here is going to argue that we need to come out of “this gender trap conditioning,” but you almost make men sound like victims by your post. Unless I’m misreading.

Pied_Pfeffer's avatar

@artashes Please accept my apology if you feel that I am shooting off at the hip/cuff or that the response was a personal attack. That is not the case, nor the intent.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. Please do not jump to conclusions about my career or my life based upon the short description posted. There are many more layers that have developed over the years due to experiences.

Prostitution is a business. I suppose, in a way, it is a subset of what you refer to as whoring, although I wouldn’t call it that. A few friends, both male and female, are fairly open about their sexual encounters. Many of the members here on Fluther are open about their relationships, including how many they have had, how they conduct their sexual lifestyles. Introduce physical or emotional abuse into the conversation, and then I might agree with you.

As for your points 1–5, I am not grasping their relevance.
1.) Does it matter that, in general, women tend to live longer?
2.) Males do not arrive on Earth circumcised. It is either a choice made by some parents, or the person later in life. There are many men that are not. The same goes for women.
3.) Equal rights for fathers when it comes to divorce: I might agree with that, but I personally haven’t seen a case where it was unfair. It also has nothing to do with the question posted.
4.) Hmm, I haven’t witnessed male bashing in women’s magazines. The articles tend to be about how to win a man’s heart. Then again, it has been years since I have read one. I found men’s porn magazines more offensive.
5.) Yes, I saw The Full Monty and loved it. I also saw Calendar Girls and thought it was just as good, if not better. Each of these movies were about using their body in a sensual way in order to achieve a goal. I see no problem with that. It is their choice to do so, and it is my choice whether to support them or not.

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I thought this question was about makeup.

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@Porifera Indeed it is. Thank you for reeling me back in.

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Guys usually use obnoxious “Lines” and if they pitch it enough times by the law of averages some women will bed them and then the women find out he is really a jerk. The problem is,men who do not prospect usually end up single, celibate and alone because WOMEN DON’T prospect! They use MAKE-UP
or do they?
From even 7yrs old too 17 and into way later years. You will often see even women in Assisted Living and Nursing Homes doing the Make Up thing and poor things they look hideous with all that crap on their faces, anyway, a girl learns in a million ways VIA the cosmetology honcho’s to “look natural by being artificial” Hair coloring, electronic eyebrow penciling, pedicures, manicures, etc. Men are doing these things too but trying to give the impression that they can make themselves look like good provider/ protectors.
A boy learns subconsciously, that her make-up is the female “line” that she pitches. Make-up is her lie, her deception, the equivalent of his bragging or exaggerating.

Men use verbal lines, women use make up and provocative dress. Essentially they are the same. But women’s “lines” are significantly different from men’s in two ways. First, they don’t stop. If a man tries a line on a woman, he pitches her once ( or, if he’s obnoxious, a few times) and then moves on and goes away. But a woman’s makeup and provocative clothing keeps on going and going like a Duracell Battery Bunny, obnoxiously advertising her femininity as being better than anyone else;s. Second, makeup and provocative dress are only one of many signals women use to attract men.

To the extent women rely on signals, they give men the right to push for sex. But men have little choice because women indicate sexual interest with signals. If women wonder why some men use lines, most men wonder why most women rely on signals?

A signal is a subtle behavior women use, like a smile or a coy glance, to let men know they’re interested. The major PROBLEM here with this is that signals can be easily misunderstood, leading to accusations of sexual harassment or, worse, date rape. STRONG INCENTIVES FOR MEN TO CHOOSE CELIBACY AND STAY SINGLE duh!!!

If,as women say, they truly are more interested in deep lasting love than money and status, then the right signal to attract love is NO signal at all! Men view signals the same way women view line, and most men are turned OFF by them. Honesty, as the saying goes, is the best policy.

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My goodness, there, @artashes , you sure have a lot to say about how “men” feel about stuff. Silly me, I always assumed that “men” were actually humans with different tastes, preferences and attitudes about things, just like other humans have. Half a century of observing and interacting, and you’re saying I’ve been wrong all this time. About all of them. Every single one of those human males. (Well, maybe a few fit your description, but certainly not all)

Welcome to Fluther. Nobody attacked you, we just didn’t agree with you, and I for one don’t much like your tone. But that’s just me. An individual.

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I wear a little mascara and eyeshadow and a little undereye concealer. That’s it.
@artashes If I had to read all those books to understand the male species, it would never happen. Men aren’t that complicated.

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@YARNLADY Women and men have been wearing makeup since long before there was advertising or anything resembling a cosmetics industry, so the idea that the appeal of makeup is purely fabricated doesn’t seem to hold water.

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@chocolatechip Good point, I stand corrected.

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