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What should I put on my sign to root for the Giants at the STL game tonight?

Asked by Carly (4555points) June 2nd, 2011

I bought an orange sign and I want to write something on it to root for the giants. This is an away game, playing against the St. Louis Cardinals. My friends and I have great seats very close to the home plate and I’m the only one rooting for the Giants. :D

Any good suggestions for things to write besides, “Go Giants!” ?
(I don’t want to make the card fans mad, so nothing mean please)

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Anything you want, since you’re a Giants fan… it doesn’t get any better than that. You could put “We’ll win, even without Posey”

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Half a game to the Division Lead!

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“The Fluther is with you!”

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Winning the World Series ain’t in the Cards!

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Fear the Beard

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Invoke Kruk and Kuip in your sign and you’re sure to get camera time. Let us know what you end up putting on your sign and I’ll look to spot you tonight.

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Go Phillies!~

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So far I’m thinking one side as what @rts486 suggested and maybe “Together We’re Giant” on the other.

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