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If we had the capability, should we give robots the same abilities as the human mind?

Asked by MasterAir16 (261points) June 2nd, 2011

What would happen if robots were capable of emotion?

Would we create an ally or an enemy? If an enemy, would war result? Who would win?

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Then there aren’t robots, but machine version of Humans, and act like humans.

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The scientific field of Artificial Intelligence is trying to do just that- build rational agents that can infer, reason and act like humans. Computers have already defeated humans in the game of chess. Intelligent agents in software, intelligent robots for assistance are being developed and improved. Oral-B cross action toothbrush was invented by a computer software called Creativity Machine. Similarly, intelligent software is being used to invent many new things and solve various problems- it is the age of Artificial Invention. Robots are also being trained to guess the emotions of people around from their facial expression, body language and such other characteristics that may reveal your mood/attitude. Imparting emotions to software/robots will be the next step. If the machines derive a consciousness because of memory, intelligence and emotions, we never know what they might do- they would be completely autonomous beings- equipped with all the know-how and resources- Maybe they will feel suppressed by the inferior human beings who treat them like slaves- maybe they will become ambitious and greedy and feel like becoming the masters of the universe… Anything is possible in that scenario.. Will humans win in the war? I would say if we reach a point where machines will rise against us, that itself would be an utterly frightening moment! Watch movies like Matrix, Terminator and Transformers for further details :P
Artificial Intelligence movie by Steven Spielberg is also an interesting alternative take on this issue- its about the bond between humans and emotional robots rather than enemy machines seeking to overpower humanity.

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Why does it have to resort to war ?

Anyway on the subject .. If we would be able to teach a robot mind emotion and to make him discern good from wrong [ Terminator ] we’d be a wicked race ^^

Though I’m sure it would be difficult.

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Hopefully with some kind of controls or limits on their behavior, which would prevent war. (Like Isaac Asimov proposed.)

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This question reminds me of “Star Wars.” I thought it was ingenius that C3PO had been programmed with human emotions so that he could be an accurate translator. That was the explanation of why he demonstrated worry, fret, fear, anger, disgust, affection.

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The whole point of computing machines is to augment human minds, to do tasks more quickly and accurately than a person can do alone. If you ever run across a machine that has the abilities of a human mind, that’s probably because there’s a human mind interfaced with it. As artificial intelligence progresses, I don’t think there will come a day when the machines suddenly “wake up” and notice us. I think that we will someday merge with our machines, and hopefully we will then “wake up”.

And about bloody time too.

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I think if that was true wouldn’t they be like human but just having a not human body?

I have a quote here:

~How do you ever expect to be a real boy? What’s he think I look like?
– A jackass? – You sure do!
Hee-haw, hee-haw!
and someday you will be a real boy.
My brave little boy.
[Blue Fairy] Prove yourself brave, truthful and unselfish…
and someday you will be a real boy.
Awake, Pinocchio.
I’m… I’m real! I’m a real boy!
But, Father, I’m alive. See?
And I’m…
I’m… I’m real! I’m a real boy!
You’re alive…
and… and you are a real boy!

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