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What is your most significant ice cream story?

Asked by wundayatta (58625points) June 2nd, 2011

Did ice cream ever save your life? Did it get you a job? Did it save a relationship? Did it ever affect your life in some significant way?

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The ice cream truck was invented in my home town.

That’s all I’ve got. I just really love ice cream.

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My father was apparently two pounds under the minimum weight requirement to serve in Vietnam, and to this day, he claims that there was this giant (“about two pounds, if I recall..”) ice cream sundae he’d forgone the day before the physical, which, to him, means that the ice cream saved his life.

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@Smashley wow, good story!

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@ANef_is_Enuf – It is a good story. Now whether or not it’s exactly true, is something I doubt I shall ever know.

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Have you ever seen the movie “Big Fish?” I think it is one of those stories that is worth telling, even if it isn’t exactly accurate. Good stuff.

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Just the other day I was crossing the road, didn’t see this big Mack truck speeding towards me and some vanilla ice cream pushed me out of the way, saving my life. The banana split.

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Until one minute before i read your question i was eating half a liter vanilla creamy ice cream.
And since three or four weeks my pussycat eats some spoons of it each day…., she loves it!

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When I was 19 or 20 my friends and I went to a Swensen’s following a day of sand volleyball. Three of the guys split a Matterhorn, which was 32 scoops + whipped cream, cherries, etc served in this giant stainless steel mixing bowl. After they started in their pace gradually accelerated both because they didn’t want it to melt and because they didn’t want to lose their share. Pretty soon the bowl was traveling around the table with each scoop of their spoons, so they all decided they could keep one finger on the bowl. As they got closer to the bottom, their spoons started crossing paths, so they started a hockey-style penalty system which banished one or the other participants for five or ten seconds. This was in addition to self-imposed breaks due to ice cream headaches. It was sorely entertaining to watch, because it was literally mountain of ice cream and because it self organized into a quintessential guy-styled event.

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@zen Niiice. :)

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I was on the beach the other day. The sun was blazing, the waves were pulsating back and forth, back and forth. I started getting dizzy and before I knew what happened, I was on the sand nearly dead from a heat stroke.

The life guards stopped an ice cream vendor on the boardwalk and they layered my body in ice cream while I lay on an insulated blanket to reduce my body temperature. As the sun beat down, the ice cream began to melt. I started to come around. I am drowning in a blanket of melted ice cream. The crowd was breathing a sigh of relief. Ice cream soda people can hear me.

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My elder brother’s feet were run over by an ice cream van when he was a kid.
Basically he was sat on the roadside with his feet dangling &....well, “orange crush anyone?”
I did feel sorry for the dopey bastard…..poor bugger at the time.

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Back in the ‘60s, there was a local ice cream parlor in our sleepy little southern US town. The parents took us there every Sunday night after dinner. One weekday evening, the 19 and 20 year old female clerks were closing up business for the day, when the shop was robbed, and the two girls were murdered.

The case became quite sensational. The town’s citizens wanted the killer found. The police arrested a questionable eccentric, young local man, who was put on trial and acquitted for a lack of evidence.

Move forward 40 years. A woman diagnosed with a terminal illness was arrested and charged for the double homicide, based upon information revealed by a witness who finally stepped forward. The two murdered women were sisters-in-law. The husband of one and the couple’s daughter, who was two at the time of the murders, attended the hearing. They said that it finally brought about a sense of closure.

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Sadly ice cream is one of the things that keeps me visiting where I was born. I don’t care too much for visiting Europe often and the ice cream there is awesome. Its the Good Humor brand, but over there it’s a different name. The cornettos are out of this world and taste better than the ice cream here in the states. There is also one that is local to where I’m from that is also my favorite.

This always gives me the best memories of my childhood and I had very few of those.

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I met my boyfriend at an ice cream shop. It was right after I put some cookies and cream up my ex’s nose.

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I won $500 for winning an ice cream eating contest. After that, I ended up meeting my ex-boyfriend.

I ate 4 pints of ice cream. I’m hardcore.

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I make my own ice cream all the time and invent new flavors all the time, made a wonderful blueberry cheesecake last year with blueberries I picked myself. mmmmmmmmmmm so good

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No real story…but I do remember my dad’s friend treating me to ice cream when I was a kid. I picked a Cola flavoured ice cream and it was so fucking gross. But this guy was a sweet old man, and I didn’t wanna make him sad or nothing, so I pretended to like it lol.

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My first kiss was with the ice cream guy! lol
Yep, I was 13, he was probably 17–18, and I was his best customer.
One day he asked me to go driving in his ice cream truck, and I had my first kiss. :-)
This was about 1972. ;-)

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I remember a group of us from sunday school going out to an ice cream parlour. One of the kids who was mentally challanged order this huge “Black Cow” – a root beer float with damn near 20 scoops of ice cream. He finished the entire dish, and then threw up as soon as he walked out the door.

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My Dad loved it, (long passed) and I remember him making cones for his 5 daughters. My 2 brothers and I were always served last after the younger sisters had theirs.. He taught us patience and sharing with a treat.

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That was nice.

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@dannyc so good to see you here again. It’s been a while. =)

Our family was traveling from Las Vegas to Illinois during summer vacation. I believe I was 5 or 6 years old at the time. We stopped at a diner, could possibly have been a Denny’s, for lunch. I kept badgering my parents for ice cream. Everyone gave their order, my mom told the waitress what I wanted (always a grilled cheese) and mentioned I would also like ice cream. The waitress asked if she should serve the ice cream with the sandwich. My mom flipped out. She said “the ice cream will melt while my daughter eats her sandwich, what do you think?”. My mom made us all get out of our seats and leave for a different restaurant. A moment I’ll never forget. :/

I still love ice cream. Can’t live without it!

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When I was a kid my dad would give me 5 cents (where is the cent symbol on the keyboard?) after dinner so I could get a one scoop ice cream cone! Now my favorite ice cream shop is Cold Rock. I love the vanilla with malteasers mashed in it. It costs $4.70 for one scoop!

I think that qualifies as a “those were the good ole days” story!

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