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What's on your wall calendar?

Asked by Seelix (14914points) June 2nd, 2011

Do you have a wall calendar? More than one? What’s on it? Did you receive it as a gift, or buy it yourself?

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I have this zombie survival guide wall calendar. My mom got it for me for my birthday.

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But usually we get the Sierra Club calendar, but we waited too late this year. Next year we will definitely get it.

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We have four calendars:
National Geographic African Elephants
M.C. Escher Art Prints
Rescue Dogs
National Geographic Wildlife Photography

I bought them all (the rescue dog one is from donating).

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I have the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One calendar, I’m a little embarrassed to admit. I bought on impulse and the crazy hope that one month might have Alan Rickman as the picture. So far there hasn’t been a picture of him, but I keep hoping!

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I almost bought a calendar a few years ago, that had boxing nuns.
My wife has made sure that she buys the calendars since.

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My football team, a player for every month… very, man-ish!

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Geez…that scared me!
I buy all my calendars.
I have a calendar of chimpanzees & orangs in my office at work.
In my office at home I have a German Shepherds cal. (My fave breed.)
In the kitchen I have a “Country Living” cal. that has lots of flowers pix.

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I got a My Little Pony Friendship is Magic calendar for my birthday that my best friends little sister made for me, and this is what’s currently staring back at me.

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I realized that I didn’t say anything about mine. I have a Bettie Page calendar by my computer desk that I bought in January at half price, and one in the kitchen with pictures of Tuscany that Santa brought me.

@filmfann – I’ve seen that one :)
@shego – I can’t see your picture :(

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@Seelix Click on @shego‘s link, then hit refresh.

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@SavoirFaire I can’t see it either and I hit refresh.

The page says this:

Error 403 Hotlinking not allowed.
Hotlinking not allowed.
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Varnish cache server

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@PluckyDog Try clicking on the link and then hitting return in the address bar.

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Lucille Ball.It was given to me.:)

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@SavoirFaire Ahh ok, thank you.

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Boxer puppies. It was a gift.

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I have a calendar of hot chicks with guns.

My brother bought if for me and said “you’re my sister and this may be awkward….but you belong in this calendar.” I giggled.

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We have a computer generated “family” calendar on the refrigerator, with all the family birthdays and anniversaries on it. We write in the work schedules, vacations, and other family appointments.

I also have picture calendars in various places around the house, and a giant one from China that one of the company vendors gave us. It’s silk with beautiful paintings on it.

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Digital art. “Infinite Creations: A Fractal World”
Very cool pics!

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Adorable insects. My mom got it for me for Christmas, a calendar is always one of my presents from her.

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I always have several. Choosing wall calendars is an important annual ritual for me; I pick them out carefully, both for myself and for members of my family. The one in my room is always an art calendar. This year it’s Monet. Last year it was Rembrandt, and before that Vermeer.

In the kitchen I have Tiffany windows; in one bathroom, photos of loons—I’m a loon lover—and in the other, art deco posters. The last of those was a gift to me, and I chose the others.

I think I acquired this custom from my mother, who was such a calendar lover that she’d hang as many as five just in her tiny kitchen space, stacked on top of one another on the same two picture hangers and rotated during the month. I am less of a nut than my mother was.

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Oh wait, that’s my fireplace. It seems as thought I don’t have a calendar… Oh well.

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@Axemusica You need a calendar! Go get one. They’re probably about a buck now that the year is half over.

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I was just thinking that this morning @chyna. I think I’ll look into getting one.

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Cigarette packs lol. The chick over at the beer store handed it to me, since I get my smokes there all the time too, and she had a calendar featuring my brand on it.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t even have a calendar.

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I have a one-a-day calendar I got as a secret Santa gift, and I use it. Each day has some sort of aphorism about being cool with life.

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I always have some sort of landscapes or water scenes or national parks. Last year was Moons. This year lighthouses.

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I have the Dogs of Kabul calendar depicting the K9s serving in the US Armed Forces in Afghanistan. It includes a number of pictures of labradors looking at goats in the back of pick up trucks! It was sent to me by a friend who is stationed there and knows I train search dogs.

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@Jeruba Oh my goodness ..I do the calendar stack thing too (I will usually have 4 together, in a single room, and rotate them throughout the month). Not as much since we moved; as we just started putting things on our walls in our new house. This coming year, I’ll get to do my annual calendar shopping though.
I’ve actually never heard of anyone else doing that. Clearly, your mother was way cool. ;)

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I have a John Lennon one of his artwork. I dig it, the guy had fantastic minimalist artwork, but wall calendars are such an inconvenience for my room setup. I usually change it past March, unfortunately…

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Light houses. Hey, it was free from an insurance agency.

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Nothing. I use my google calendar. The wall calendar with its Washington Post photo-of-the-month is shoved in the bookcase. [Came with my subscription to the paper].

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Ours hangs above where the telephone is kept (we still have a tied-to-the-wall landline), and it has photos of black labradors (like my dog). My partner bought it.

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Classic cars, which I got for my husband. not realising that we wouldn’t have another one so there’s some old but very shiny cars on display in our kitchen.

Last year we had a free one from the local council – images of the local area. The year before the school sold one with a picture drawn by every kid, organised by their birthday month. Still got that one. These two were good because they had the school holidays pre-printed on them

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Jack Russell Terriers. My landlady gave it to me for Christmas.

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