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Could you ever go without makeup if the only makeup you could get was 8 times more expensive than now?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) June 2nd, 2011

(It can never happen but use your imagination) If the process or materials for manufacturing makeup, lipstick, eye liner, foundation, etc got contaminated or such that if you used then your face would break out horribly in itchy boils, and the only makeup available were organic that didn’t work as well or last as long and was 8 times the cost of makeup now; what would you do? For the sake of having any makeup, would you spend $56 for a $7 lipstick? If you had to give up makeup, how you would feel? If you gave it up would you even leave the house, wear a scarf over half your face with large lark sunshades?

How would that change the media? Would the media pony up the cash to keep their stars and models in make up and pass the buck to the public somehow? Do you think they would push the ”natural look?”

To have makeup how much would you spend if you had to, to have some?

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My makeup collection is minimal and simple. Frankly, I don’t have money to blow as it is, and I am the last person to spend money on myself. I make what I have last, and I use it sparingly.

If it were really not an option to wear it, I would definitely spend a lot of time in sunglasses. Definitely. I may never leave the house again.

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I don’t wear make up I could easily survive this situation. :P

My sister would crumble though. I think half of the volume of her face is make up.

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I go without makeup all the time. No biggie for me!

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I only wear makeup on special occasions as it is now, so I could easily give it up and just not buy anymore.

I don’t think many things would change for the media though. The cosmetic companies would still give makeup away to the stars to help push their line of makeup and try to keep revenue coming in.

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It wouldn’t be an issue for me, because I don’t like to wear make up.

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I’d buy the basics– foundation, powder, blush, eyeliner, mascara, and lipgloss. And if that was still too much money, I’d make my own foundation, powder, blush, and lipgloss.

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I would use my remaining quantities of cheap makeup sparingly and try to make my own foundation and concealer. Face powder I could probably substitute with a very thin layer of talcum powder. Instead of lipgloss, I would use petroleum jelly. And I wouldn’t miss eye makeup all that much because I never wear it anyway.

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Why don’t women make their own now and save the cost and know what is in it?

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Yes, I would spend whatever makeup was sold for. Collecting makeup is one of my hobbies, so I would be willing to pay a lot for an item I feel I should have in my collection. I have YSL, Dior and Chanel lipsticks that are around $35 a piece. I also have MAC makeup brushes that are $50+. My fave MU brands are not cheap: NARS, Beneffit, MUFE.
If I had to go without makeup, I would be very sad, but not the end of the world either. I would just go out bare faced, no scarf or glasses. Just clean face and curl my lashes and chapstick.
The media would definitely push for the natural look for a segment of the population, but would also push the expensive makeup to certain portion of the market.

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I would never wear mascara again!

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I use cheap makeup (Loreal, Maybelline) so if the cost multiplied by 40 I would still be able to wear it. It lasts a long time, so I could swing it. I also don’t wear a lot – usually mascara, eye shadow and eye liner. I could definitely afford it.

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If the risk of using makeup in the future was to break out in a rash or worse does that change the landscape, even if Madison Avenue didn’t care for their face people and insisted they use them break out threat or not?

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I rarely wear makeup. Mostly to interviews and that’s it. The make up I buy is all natural so if worse comes to worse I’d use natural materials for make up. I don’t wear lipstick just lip balm, so that would be easy. No mascara, I usually just use eyeliner. In general I wouldn’t going without make up at all.

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I go without makeup most of the time. I put it on a couple days of week.

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I certainly don’t need to use my imagination. Coconut, jojoba, almond, lavender oils; attars of rose and other fragrant flowers; pigments from beets; kohl…it’s all pretty simple if you care.

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I don’t even like to pay $12 for a tube of mascara so if the price goes up to $75, I’m going to learn to do without it. If fashion magazines still exist in this situation (the majority of their advertising revenue comes from cosmetic companies) I would expect there to be an abundance of articles in three areas:
1. Embracing and enhancing the “natural” look
2. How to articles for making cosmetics at home
3. What you can do to counter the negative effects of cheaper cosmetics

Celebrities and models will always have access to makeup, even in this hypothetical world. Their job is to look better than real people and cameras/flashes/lights are not kind to bare faces.

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I pretty much go without make-up already, so, sure.

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The only thing I use now is tinted lip balm (the most I pay is $3). I would use Carmex more often if I couldn’t buy the tinted lip balm.

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I hardly ever wear make-up, so I could easily forgo it altogether if it came to that.

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I rarely wear makeup anyhow so it wouldn’t bother me.

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It would be bad for make up FX. Good bye low budget horror and goofy monster movies :(

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Now that ^^ would be sad. :(

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