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When purchasing a mattress, is a "no-name" as good of a value as a "name brand?"?

Asked by jca (36059points) June 2nd, 2011

This question is inspired by WorriedGuy’s recent question about memory foam vs. coil spring mattress. I also recently asked a similar question, and will sometime soon be looking to purchase a mattress myself.

Is a no-name mattress as good as a name brand mattress?

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Last time I bought a generic mattress it developed a sag within 6 months, and the return process never quite worked out I’m restraining myself mightily, here and resolving it would have involved court, so I ate the difference and bought a good one. That may not be a normal experience, but it really put me off…

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Mattresses fall into the category I call “The Goldilocks Syndrome.” For some styles they are too hard, for some they are too soft, and for some, they are just right.

I really don’t think a brand name matters. I worked for a hotel company and as an inspector for years and have slept on a lot of mattresses, both name brand and generic. When the hotel chains started requiring each hotel convert over to a certain name brand (each chain advertises different ones), there wasn’t much of a reduction in mattress complaints from customers.

My advice is to do the research on customer ratings and comments on reputable, independent sites. Then seek out a local store that sells your choices to visually inspect them. Once you make the final decision, check into the return policies of each store that sells them.

A sister bought a name brand mattress last year, and it turned into a six-month nightmare destined to become a sitcom episode due to the red tape she had to go through in getting it returned and a replacement delivered.

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Please, see my detailed answer to this question.

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I bought two single mattress sets for $100 each at a Deseret thrift store five years ago, and they are still standing up to toddlers jumping on them and teens sleeping on them.

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From personal experience, I would say that no-name brands are just as good as brand names—when they are mediocre or just plain suck. Meaning a brand name does not necessarily mean quality. (There’s good and bad.) But I doubt you’ll get quality with a no-name. (I have yet to get a generic mattress that’s lasted all that long.) Not to say it’s not possible. More power to you if you find that deal. (Please share if you do!)

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@YARNLADY Used is not the same as a no-name brand. I’d personally prefer to find a used Stearns & Foster than a new no-name.

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@hawaii_jake Wow. Thanks for the education on beds, mattresses and box springs.

Another tip: Rotating the mattress every three months and the box spring every six can help in extending their life. With the mattress, it should be flipped so that both sides are used twice a year and the head goes to the foot end twice a year. Many hotels mark them with a 1, 2, 3, 4 in different corners in order to keep track.

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When I moved out, my mom took me to Ikea to shop. When thinking of the bed, she did not hesitate to make me buy the MOST EXPENSIVE MATTRESS they had. She said that I can be cheap on anything else, but sleeping is the most important thing.

Good thing because it is the most comfy bed in the world, and I love my bed.

My advice: sleep on it first. But really, in a world where you work so much – you need the best rest you can get.

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In addition to the great advice @hawaii_jake posted, when shopping for a mattress IMO you are going to get what you pay for. Also what @Pied_Pfeffer said about doing your research, will help tremendously. I too have heard nightmare stories about trying to return or replace a mattress even with a good warranty.
Also, @Pied_Pfeffer on some mattresses it is not recommended to flip them anymore, only to rotate them every 6 months. I’m not sure I agree with that, but I’ll see.
I’m looking forward to my new mattress set to be delivered on Monday. WooWhoo!

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I have been considering, for my next mattress, to have it on a platform bed. My daughter has a platform bunk bed (LL Bean type) and I like the firmness. Despite her mattress being thin and not the best, it feels good and firm with the platform underneath.

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@AmWiser The rotating only would make sense if it is a pillow-top, or possibly some other design. Thanks…I hadn’t thought of that.

The mattress I have is almost 25 years old and still shows no signs of sagging. I just checked, and it is a Serta Perfect Sleeper.

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When it comes to health related stuff, I would go with brand.

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