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What cartoon shows do you dislike?

Asked by Plucky (10284points) June 2nd, 2011

Inspired by this question.

What cartoons do you dislike (old and new)? Are there any that made you wonder what the creators were thinking?

I really don’t like Family Guy, any anime, most of the newer Marvel Comic cartoon shows, and Rocky Bullwinkle. I like Scooby Doo but I can’t stand the rest of the gang.

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I never liked King of the Hill, though I loved The Simpsons during its first 10 seasons or so!

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I never really liked Scooby Doo.
I’m not a fan of the new family guy, the new simpsons and the new south park (last night’s episode was meh).

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@Michael_Huntington You mean “new” as in the more recent episodes? Or the whole series, itself, being new?

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I can’t stand any of the children’s cartoons. The loud sound effects and high-pitched voices really grate on my nerves. I used to like Family Guy but it’s gotten so mean-spirited that it just isn’t funny to me any more. I also never liked King of the Hill or American Dad. The Simpsons, South Park and Family Guy have jumped the shark and outlived their expiration date, imo.

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@PluckyDog Yeah, I meant the recent episodes

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Children’s cartoons.

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Robot chicken and futurama… not funny.

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Renn and Stimpy. I guess it’s not entirely the cartoon’s fault, but a lot of douches I know just love that show.

@Blackberry and @Blueroses – I understand the sentiment, but there are a lot of good children’s cartoons out there. Flapjack and Adventuretime, for instance.

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What is up with that new show, “Bob’s Burgers”?

Bad animation, bad writing, bad acting… why is it still on?

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Family Guy.

I absolutely detest Family Guy. I love South Park and older Simpsons though.

Pretty much everything on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon after 1999 sucks too.

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Family Guy. I can’t stand it because Peter is a fucking tard.

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@efritz S’all good. :)

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I never have been much of a fan of cartoons, and especially dislike the so-called adult versions. I recently tried to watch something called Archer, but I did not enjoy it. There are some “tween” cartoons such as Dragon Hunters and Battle Force 5 that I don’t like either. My grandson is a fan of the last two, which is the only reason I have seen them.

I used to enjoy the Jetsons, and I like the Incredibles.

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I am almost afraid to admit this, but Spongebob annoys the h-e-double hockey sticks out of me.

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Family Guy, American Dad, King of the Hill, Beevus and Butthead, The Flintstones, and even Sponge Bob are not in my tastes. Drawn Together was a funny concept, but didn’t really work.

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I’ve never been a fan of Scooby Doo. Even when I was a kid I thought that show was weird. Currently my kids keep trying to watch Regular Show on Cartoon Network. It’s on at times when kids watch TV, between 7pm and 8pm, it’s not an Adult Swim show. They cuss, which just blows my mind. One character told the other character “Dude you pissed me off!” Another episode one saw an old man naked and I believe he referred to the old man’s “junk”, I can’t remember exactly but it was way inappropriate. I sent a strongly worded email to Cartoon Network, I’m sure it didn’t do any good, but it made me feel better.

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Spongebob Squarepants. I really don’t understand how that got to be so famous.

Family Guy. I don’t get offended easily at all, but I just don’t understand how Peter beating his daughter is supposed to be funny.

Pokemon. Die. Die die die.

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Most nowadays cartoon. I also hate Spongebob I don’t understand why many children like it. I don’t like Scooby either.

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South Park. Any time someone tells me the premise of an episode, or a joke from it, I find it amusing. As soon as I actually see the show I just get annoyed. Something about the delivery is just annoying.

The few times I’ve seen Spongebob, usually when my nephew is watching it, I feel my IQ has dropped at least ten points. Soon I won’t have any to spare.

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@incendiary_dan I typically like South Park but…it’s such a fucking loud show. Why is everyone always screaming in this? Doesn’t help that it only plays late at night, at least in most times that I checked it.

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Ooh, I hate all that Hanna-Barbera crap from the 50s-90s. Rote stories and limited animation made of ass. Not a fan of the Paramount (or any, really) Popeye cartoons, either, for the same reasons.

If you’re going to have cheap animation, then your stories had better be damn good.

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When people say “children’s” cartoons ..what age are we talking about here? Like 2–6 years old?

I can’t stand those ones. But I’m thinking most adults don’t watch those unless they have young kids.

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I also detest Pokemon and um that other anime .. Moon something or other.

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I totally love Sailormoon lol, but granted, the American version is retarded. I love how the Japanese original is more about gays and lesbians gettin’ frisky with one another, rather than fighting evil.

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@Symbeline Yeah, that’s the one Although, I’ve never heard of the frisky one.

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Family Guy has really, really gone downhill in recent years. Some of the more recent episodes made me laugh by being on topic, but I kind of prefer American Dad to it these days. None of them are as good as Futurama and South Park, though.

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@PluckyDog Yeah, the original Japanese version. If you don’t mind subtitles it’s pretty cool. I mean if you’re into that stuff.

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King of the Hill and Futurama.

I love Ren and Stimpy.

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The Simpsons, Yogi Bear, The Smurfs & Rugrats.

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South Park and Futurama

Never liked either of them.

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South Park and Ren & Stimpy.

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