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Who said "If you need a tracking device on your children then you haven't done a good job as a parent"?

Asked by flo (12995points) June 2nd, 2011

It is supposed to be convicted criminal (maybe around 30year old?)who had been saying that before he was caught sexually with a 14? year old. That was his way of making parents know less about their children’s activities. Even just the approximate time and place is enough. And by tracking device I don’t think he necessarily meant a device.

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By “Even just the approximate time and place is enough” I meant I don’t need the name of the person who said that, just the main part so I can track down the story.

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? sounds a little extreme. although I hassle my children to death by text – where are you and what are you doing. I don’t know the story in particular of which you speak

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I love when people who are not and have never been parents like to tell parents what classifies a “good parent” vs “bad parent.”

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Thanks @trailsillustrated and @jca
It is crazy how much parents have to contend with.
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I can’t find the answer for this question but do know that the especially religious strongly object to injecting an RIFD into children because they consider it “the mark of the Beast”.

My kids grew up before GPS. I once called the State police to find a daughter who was late returning from a concert. They scared the kids because they thought they were being pulled over for speeding but did a great job finding them. Therefore I know the quote isn’t from the Pa. State Police.

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What the heck is RIFD? I had the police called on me one night when I didn’t make it home at an appropriate hour. My mom called the police and they were looking. Oh, man. That wasn’t good.

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Sorry for the mistyping RFID tags and labels are used to track packages, for EZ Pass devices on toll roads and on some credit cards. The are excited by radio waves and transmit a specific code to identify the device or person to which they are attached. The is a new inject-able form combined with finger prints that parent use on their kids because they are afraid of them being kidnapped.

By the way my daughter forgave me because she understood that she was supposed to call before she left and failed to do so. I was worried, just like your mother was worried for you. Get used to it. When you are a parent you always worry about your kids, and grand kids. My daughters are in their 40’s and I still worry about them. My wife is convinced that their husbands are not good enough for them. Get used to it, it never ends.

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I’m 50 @Ron_C and would have put an RFID on my stepdaughter if I’d thought of it at the time. She turned out fine and I think I did too…for the most part on the latter.

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@bkcunningham ” would have put an RFID on my stepdaughter if I’d thought of it at the time.” I know what you mean but that doesn’t make it any less creepy.

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I understand By ‘tracking device’ he may not have meant it literally.

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