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How do I find a Credit Card that allows for a co-signer?

Asked by jballou (2118points) April 25th, 2008
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You don’t list your circumstances and why you need this but I would look for a credit card arrangement that allows more than one card on the same account. For example I get bombarded with literature from American Express offering me a great deal if I obtain another card on the account for my wife or one of my children. The cost is not great and would work in most circumstances.

When my son lived in Europe for a few months, we obtained either a Visa or Master Card from the AAA (automobile association) that allowed us to add money to the account if he ran short and in effect worked as a debit card while he was traveling.

This will not work if you are trying to establish a credit history in your own name but are having trouble getting started with the first credit card.

Tell us a bit more of what your objectives are and maybe I can add something useful for you


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