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Only for a crazy night out on the town, with the purpose of living it up “Gone Wild” style (by which I don’t mean kissing another girl because some guy with a camera told you to).

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I always think the hair looks totally fried and unsexy. I guess it can look “cutesy” but not in an attractive way that you’d want to touch.

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I know I am going to show my age with this answer

It looks very Jersey Shore to me. Which is to say trashy.

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Too “look at me, I’m so cool”. Looking at those photo’s, I would not want to know any of those girls. I’m showing my age too.

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Way too high maintenance. I don’t have three hours to iron my hair every morning, not to mention the touch ups.

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Those girls just look like they are trying so hard to project a certain image, to me it’s pathetic.

If they think it’s in any way unique then they’re definitely wrong, because every girl on that page looks exactly the same.

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Similar thread where I shared my thoughts on this “hairstyle”.

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I think it looks pretty silly on anyone over 14 or so. Well, still pretty bad for under 14, but I can usually forgive the poor judgment of the very young.

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Shit looks dumb.

That’s all, folks.

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I agree with @syz. There is definitely an age limit. It looks fun.

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It makes me want to say “Get off my lawn!”

I hate it.

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I’d only bang a chick with that hair, but that’s all lol.

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I think it appears more like wigs or extensions than real hair, so if that is the look they are trying to get they succeeded. Too teased and fake but some of the styles were interesting, maybe the color than the cut they all look basically the same. The makeup look more stupid than the hair.

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Thank you for posting this question, and a thanks to @FutureMemory for the old link. It explains the sightings of a few young ladies in the neighborhood with this hair style.

As someone who participated in numerous trendy hair styles (long hippie hair in the 60s, Farrah Faucett fringe in the 70s, Princess Di look in the 80s), I get it. And there are more variation opportunities offered with Scene Hair than we had in the above mentioned ones.

The latest teen styles may change by appearance, but the intent hasn’t. It is a way to display the flexing of independence in choosing a look that isn’t dictated by a parent. It is a natural process of going from childhood to adulthood. The teen years are generally about learning to go against the norm of the previous generation while still succumbing to peer pressure.

So, do I think it is stylish? Yes, as a current trend. Is it stupid? Let’s just say that I don’t think I’d ever commit to the time involved in creating it. IMO, there are more stupid things to do based upon trends and peer pressures. A hairstyle is easy to change. Others aren’t so easy.

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I’m not a fan, but honestly, it’s no worse than what many of us did in the 80s. In fact, it looks an awful lot like the punk styles from the same era.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Scene kids DO use extensions.
@tianalovesyou Brookelle’s hair is the best. But she changed it now, it’s normal. I also like Kiki’s hair. But that’s because they’re scene queens. It’s not easy to achieve their look, you’ll end up looking like the normal scene girls with weird colors in their hair. They’re just considered normal Scene girls, not scene queens. And note that the only purpose for becoming scene is taking shitloads of pictures to gain internet popularity, which is like a complete waste of time. And it might not suit you either. I think you should just get accustomed to the scene style of clothing and accessorizing without the whole hair gig. It makes you look prettier if you have your own hairstyle. Trust me..

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It makes me think of anime.

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It’s rather extreme, and only works for someone who doesn’t have to work, or is a hair stylist.

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Wow, load of hating for a hairstyle! Really!?!
Hey, girls just wanna have fun….as someone once said ;¬}

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When this trend first started showing up, I thought it was kind of cute. At the time, my own hair was short, so I couldn’t have done it myself if I tried, but I might’ve tried.

Now that every 11-year-old and her mother are posing for photos like this with a stupid duckface, I’m just sick of it.

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@augustlan after seeing those photos I realize the worst thing about scene hair is that about one in five girls who sports it now will still be rocking the style in 30 years!

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@Seelix: The “Duckface”, you nailed it!
I used to find it annoying that every picture my little sister took had her with her mouth garishly stretched open, tongue hanging out but “Duckface” is a contender.

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