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Could you eat your pet to survive?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) June 2nd, 2011

If you had to make a choice to starve to death or eat your pet, which would you do? Say, you (and one or two people close to you) were traveling to a remote and rugged location for an extended assignment of work or getaway where you can only fly in or hike nearly 5 days with pack animals during winter and plane goes down. Being it is a small plane, large enough for the pilot, co-pilot, 5 other people (6 others if 2 are children) and you. Most of all the supplies are already there waiting but you have an estimated 3 days worth of food with you. The crash kills the co-pilot, and the pilot is bad off and in a coma, one of your people and another passenger is banged up to the point they cannot be moved with out extreme pain to them. The radio is busted, there are no cell towers, and no one has a satellite phone; you all are cut off from the outside world. Your pet survived because it was in a gage and at the rear. It will be at least two days before you are missed and anyone starts to search, because of the harsh weather times an aerial search can happen is slim. No matter what you try you can’t bring attention to yourself. Because of the dead co-pilot and the comatose pilot you stretch 3 days food into 7, but then it runs out. Rain or snow get you water so you can hold out, but at some point if the rescue drags out to many weeks would there be a time where you will say ”If I am to get out of here alive I will have to eat insert pet’s name“? Would you starve to death than eat your pet? If you were traveling with your kid or any kids would that change how you thought; kids surviving or pet?

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Without any hesitation I would make Fido into a meal.

And I’ve been a vegetarian for 22 years.

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We’ve joked in the past about what a good meal our dog Bear would make. He’s thick.

My kids and I need to survive.

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I’m all set if I needed to eat my pets to survive because I have two pot-bellied pigs. Sorry Pickle! Sorry Pumpkin! They’d end up in hog heaven anyway. ;)

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@Hypocrisy_Central I find it curious that in your story it was the co-pilot that was killed.

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I seriously doubt it.
To eat my pets I would have to kill them first.
I really, really, don’t think I would be capable.
I’d just gather them up under a blanket and we’d all fade away.

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I would eat our King Charles Cavalier, but it would be a futile exercise as my wife would kill me if I did survive.

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I am quite positive that I could not kill and eat my pets. If I had human children ..I still don’t think I could. To me, that would be the same as killing and feeding my children to my pets.
If I absolutely had to eat anyone, it would be the ones that are already dead (like the co-pilot). I’m sure we could all survive off that person for a while.

I’m a vegetarian and it would take a lot for me to even consider eating any type of meat.

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You’d eat a dead person before an animal?

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Let me put it this way; I don’t think there is enough meat on our cat to make a decent taco, let alone an actual meal, so I would probably burn more calories prepping her than I would gain by eating her. So I would have to say no.

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@FutureMemory Yes, because the person is dead. My pet is not.

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@PluckyDog I’m curious how you would react if any of the other adults suggested your pet be made into the meal instead.

Because I would kill your pet to feed myself or my family.

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Well..I have two chubby geese, and two cats…neither would go on the spit. Gah!
How can you eat something you sing songs to?
I’d eat bark & leaves and bugs first.

Step away from my goose! lol

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@FutureMemory I’d guard him with my life Seriously, I would explain that eating him would be pointless ..he’s a small old dog without much to him anymore. My cats are even smaller. If they persisted ..screw them, I’ll take a chunk of co-pilot and leave. :P

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We’re a team…pick up a big stick! haha

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I would reluctantly eat my pets, after I ran out of wild game to kill and eat.

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@Coloma Woo hoo! We can make our own heated shack too ..for the geese, cats and dog to live in harmony with

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Yes! No pet cannibals in OUR camp, this is WAR!
One…21 guns….lol

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I wouldn’t kill something so I can survive. We’d just die together in peace.
Besides, you might die from the poison in their exposed blood. Just saying.

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@FutureMemory I find it curious that in your story it was the co-pilot that was killed He/she was less experienced at crash landings, you had to survive or the others would eat your pets, and somone had to be “Donnor fodder”

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@Hypocrisy_Central – I always thought the inside of my head must be an amazing place because of the strange thoughts that often go through it, but OMG, it must be tame and boring compared to yours!

An unequivocal and resounding NO to this question, we would all starve together.

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First of all, the amount of detail in that narration is spectactular. You’re either a writer or the plot is from a movie which I haven’t watched obviously.

To answer your question, no, I could not eat my pets. I’d die if I ever had to hurt my babies… thereby defeating the purpose.

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Dawg : No way Pedro….Jose! She’s my angel.
Cat : Hmmm, possi…..nah, only kidding!
Wabbitt : Hey, someone’s gotta fry… the bunny gets it!

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I don’t have a pet, so I’d have to eat someone else’s. :P

In reality, that is not that long to worry about getting food. Humans can live for weeks without food. So a few days food will keep you fed for weeks if done right. It’s water you’d need to worry about at that point. Also, it’s relatively easy to find survival food for anyone who knows four basic plants: oaks, cattails, pines, and grasses. They are commonly distributed and present on all continents. If only the Donner party had realized they were camped in pinon pines.

Also, for anyone who said they wouldn’t kill their pet to survive: at least your bodies would feed the pet. Yes, they would eat you.

Edit: Also, copper electrical wiring stripped of its plastic sheathing makes great snare wire. I could find other critters to eat just from pulling the wiring out of non-essential equipment. The sheathing can be twisted to make cordage for paiute deadfalls.

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I couldn’t kill my little doggie to feed anyone, I eat off dead bodies first. Besides, my doggie is about the size of goose so killing and eating him wouldn’t get us too far and if by chance we all did survive, I’d never be forgiven for the act. I’d almost rather be dead than repulsed and reviled by my loved ones.

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No. Absolutely not. That’s too absurd for words.

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@incendiary_dan I have no issue with my pet eating me after I’m dead. Knowing my dog, he would probably just curl up beside me and eventually die. My cats though ..I’m sure those little buggers would eat me whether or not I was dead. Evil Wondeful cats that they are.

I realize that there is a flaw in my plan though. After running out of food (since it would take at least a few weeks), the dead co-pilot may not be suitable for eating. Soon after the crash, we’d have to smoke the person’s edibles to make them last. If not, we’d have to go search for plant food to feed everyone.

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Yes, co-pilot gone bad is hardly my idea of a picnic! lol
Since us humans are hunter/gatherer types, all I’d gather from the crew would be their wallets! haha

Hey, I plan on surviving, and dead men don’t need money lol

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@Coloma Lol, ok that’s funny.

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@PluckyDog I bet a decent drying rack could be made from the ship’s hull, or maybe some sort of vent screen. Co-pilot jerky?

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I vote for choppng the co-pilot into chum and catching trout for dinner. :-D

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@incendiary_dan Lol that’s actually what I was thinking.

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@PluckyDog Needs soy sauce or fish sauce. Also, is the co-pilot free-range organic?

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@incendiary_dan At the moment, the person looks pretty free to me.

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@PluckyDog I dunno, I hear they spend way too much time sitting in a cockpit they can barely move in. They don’t get enough sun or exercise. Very inhumane. And what’s in those in-flight meals?

Are we taking this too far?

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@incendiary_dan Yeah, that person was clearly caged and pumped full of chemicals wonder they died so easily.

Lol I don’t know but now I’m hungry.

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No way would I eat my dog or my kids. My wife, however might be pretty tasty.

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