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How do I get rid of the F@%*ing Google tracker?

Asked by _zen_ (7854points) June 2nd, 2011

Everything I write, even my fluther questions, go straight to google-brother. When I go to google, the line already has the last thing I’ve written – anywhere. I can’t seem to shut it off.

I’m using Windows XP Professional and fucking Explorer.


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I don’t have the exact answer but I’m wanting you to know that you are not alone (in the problem sense).

I use Windows XP Media Center Edition. I tend to go from using Explorer to Firefox and vice versa. Each browser seems to have its own issues so I switch when I get tired of dealing with one. Any ways, this happens with both of the browsers (saving the last thing I’ve written in the Google search). So I’m thinking it has to do with Google.

Or maybe you and I being tracked.

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Do you have a Google account? I do I’m checking the options right now.

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This might help.

Ok, I think that actually worked. It basically just pauses Web History until you enable it again.

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No problem, it helped me too :)

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You helped me too. I had no idea they did that.
Google’s motto used to be “Don’t be evil.” Apparently that is no longer the case.

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Related, check the stuff sites store on your computer to track your activity

I clear my browser history and cache every day for both Firefox and Chrome.

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@worriedguy Don’t be evil. Now that’s ironic. Maybe they meant us, not them.

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@zen Clearly something has changed.
From Google investor relations: Don’t be evil.

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