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Ebay question: Why does my purchase not show on my profile?

Asked by Thammuz (9272points) June 3rd, 2011

I’m waiting for the delivery of an object I purchased on ebay, it’s been a while so I tried to go back and check the name of the guy and message him about it, but I found that I don’t have the purchase OR the pending feedback in my history. I know the payment went through because I received the notification from paypal, as well as the notification for the shipping, but it still doesn’t figure in the profile. I sent the guy an email on his paypal address, but it still seems very odd. The guy has a 92% positive feedback but unless it’s an isolated case I’d think it’s fabricated at this point.

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If you can’t get a hold of him, file a dispute with paypal. That will get his attention, as they hold the amount of the purchase until the dispute is resolved. I would never do business with a 92% It has to be 98 or above and 99 if they have a lot of transactions.

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@Judi Good to know. I usually never use ebay but i had to find a replacement for that adapter and i couldn’t find the seller i bought it the first time

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