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What do you know about hydroponic nutrients, and hydroponics in general?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21638points) June 3rd, 2011

Ok, so about a week ago I built a home made hydroponic system. It is kind of a top drip system combined with a nutrient stream system.

The water flows from out the top of my system and on to some rocks. It then works its way in to the rocks and drains, and the plants roots are in the rocks. I leave it on 24/7.

I have never planeted anything in my life (other than weed), so to test my system, I uprooted a common garden weed and put it in my system.

My system holds 2L of water, and it has the apropriate dose of regular liquid fertilizer, guano fertilizer, and root stimulant.

As I mention, I am using a common weed to test my system. The test is to see if the thing survives. After 7–8 days, the weed is still alive. So we have answered one question. Yes, my system can sustain life.

However, my little common weed has not changed at all. When I uprooted it, it had 3 slightly yellow leaves, and it still does. It has not grown, not even 0.1 millimeters (I have been measuring).

What do I try next?

Do I need proper hydroponic nutrients?

Is constant water too much?

How do I learn more about hydroponics and become better at it?

I want to start up my island’s first ever hydroponic farm next year. Big ambitions for someone who cant make a common weed grow I know. But at the moment, land is so cheap here that I would be stupid to not try it.

I can pick up 4000 square meters of land for less than 10.000 Euros at the moment. It would normally be at least a dozen times more expensive. You cant even buy a car for 10k now days.

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Maybe it needs longer to get over the shock of the transplant?

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Transplant shock is one possibility, but I would think you should see some change in 7 to 8 days. What size is your rooting medium?

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I know very little about what you are attempting but you should find your answer(s) at Good luck with your endeavor!

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@Adirondackwannabe if by rooting medium you mean the pot of stones, then i’d say about 8 inch diameter, 6 inch deep. The root is only using a tiny part of it so far.

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No, I was referring to the size of the gravel / stones.

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@Adirondackwannabe A kind of chunky gravel, about the size of a sugar cube or more.

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It’d be really helpful to know what kind of plant it is. Most common lawn weeds I know don’t have yellow leaves, which makes me think it was pretty sickly to begin with. Also, what was involved in the uprooting process?

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@incendiary_dan The uprooting process was just me brushing at it with my hands to get at the roots.

It looks like a miniature pine tree, and is exactly 4 centimeters and 3.4 millimeters tall.

Little update: Some of the brown/yellow is starting to go away.

I have 300 tomato seedlings planted now. In 12 days when they show up, I’ll be putting one of them In a bigger newer hydroponic system.

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