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How does your garden grow and did you have to cover your plants last night?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36630points) June 3rd, 2011

I know a few of the jellies like to get their hands dirty. How is your garden coming this year? We had a frigging frost last night. June 2, are you dealing with any strange weather? What have you got planted and how’s it doing. Upstate NY, if you care.

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It is doing well,except for a hydrangea that is dying.:(
No strange weather,it is great here.

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My garden is doing amazing. Poppies and roses galore and the veggies are off to the races. I lost all my Dahlias I sprouted from seeds 2 weeks ago to a frost but one that was given to me is now almost a foot tall and is ready to bloom any day.

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It was almost 100 here yesterday. Everything is wilted.

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All is doing wonderful this year!!!

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Hardly. It only got down to 60 degrees here.

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@Adirondackwannabe: I am just farther enough south from you to have escaped unscathed. Everything looks spectacular this morning. My sympathies.

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@gailcalled I covered stuff last night so I think everything survived. I’ll be bummed big time if I lose anything.

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I lost my cantaloupes but the cucumbers beside them are fine. This was Sat night when it was not supposed to freeze. We ar looking at possible snow in the am, blah. All my bedding out plants are left in their pots all together so I can cover them easily!

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I didn’t cover them, but I attempted to add some grass mulch to keep the moisture in and maybe protect the corn stalks from being damaged. Unfortunately, the wind took most of the mulch off. Most of the corn seems fine, and just today I saw several cilantro plants coming up.

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