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What was the best "heart attack on a plate" you've ever had?

Asked by glenjamin (2497points) June 3rd, 2011

I just had a bacon egg and cheese sandwich on [texas] French toast and it was delicious, though I’m sure not healthy. What was your favorite HAOAP dish?

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Chocolate-chip-and-brown-sugar pancakes with bananas, brown sugar, butter, syrup, and more chocolate chips. No regrets.

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At Taco-Time they deep fry tater tots and melt shredded cheddar cheese on them to make a delicious and greasy mess that turns the paper tray it is severed in almost clear.

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Beer battered deep fried hamburger with chipotle mayo.

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This (with a veggie burger, of course, for me! Mmmmmmm!)

Although the youcanhazcheezburger is awesome enough, check out their Redonkadonk burger, winner of the deadliest food in Oregon!

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12-egg omelet with chili, sour cream, cheddar cheese and bacon on top of hash browns.

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When my wife ordered a triple portion of lasagna for my dinner one night at an Italian restaurant. She told me, “you always complain that you can never receive enough lasagna at a meal. So, here is 3 lbs….....go for it!”.

I could just my heart on this plate and wondered if the ER was very busy.

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Lobster swimming in butter and lemon.
Crispy and crackling roasted pig skin.

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A rack/slab of bar-b-que ribs, french fries and cole slaw. And yes, I ate it all;-)

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Two quart containers of french fried potatoes covered with a quart of fried clams. Washed it down with chocolate shake extra large. Tartar sauce and lotsa ketchup.

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At uni, around exam time, I’d hit the Perkins and get one of those breakfast skillet things. Everything breaded and fried and smothered with extra cheese. And a side of bacon.

How I stayed 107 lbs. back then, I’ll never know.

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Fettucine alfredo. Mmmm.

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The fried onion loafs/blossoms at restaurants, followed up by an order of fried zucchini and grilled ribs.

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A full irish breakfast. Something like this

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@downtide, is that what a full Irish breakfast look like for real. I just read in a novel today where they made reference to a full Irish breakfast, but they didn’t go into detail and I didn’t look it up. Veddy interesting!:D

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A plate of fried meat dumplings dipped in sour creme.

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German spicy sausage at this food festival thing in MontrĂ©al. Now I’m all hungry again.

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@AmWiser Yes it’s very much like an English breakfast, although Irish often has fried potatoes of some description, and white pudding instead of black. (I don’t reccommend you look up what white pudding and black puddding are made of)

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A bowl of chili with a stack of ribs and ‘barbecue chicken and garlic mashed potatoes at the Texas Roadhouse. So good.

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