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How do you react when people compliment you?

Asked by bubba3778 (373points) June 3rd, 2011

Personally, I don’t like getting compliments because I don’t know how to respond to them and I think it’s sort of awkward if you don’t say something nice back to them. Wouldn’t you feel bad if you didn’t say something nice back to the person? Even if you lied or just made something up off the top of your head…

But when I do get a compliment i’ll say thanks and then it’s just awkward after that. So, basically what I’m asking is how you react to people when they compliment you.

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I tell them it was very kind of them to say what they did and thank you.

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My husband taught me to just say “thank you.”

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I smile and thank them. I also like to compliment them back.

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“What a nice thing to say. Thanks.”

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I actually feel my face and my ears go red and hot. I start to blink uncontrollably and usually grin looking down at the floor.
I mumble a thank you, but usually you wouldn’t hear me

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I say thank you.

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I say thanks. If they’re fishing for compliments, they’re usually disappointed.

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I have learned to accept and embrace all compliments. If I like it or believe the person was sincere, I carry it with me. If I feel the person was complimenting just to be saying something, I toss it.
And no! I don’t always give a compliment in return.
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I follow some of the best advice I have ever received, I smile and say thank you.

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I’m still waiting to find out.

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My mom always told me to smile and say thank you.

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@queenie I was going to say how lovely @ratboy‘s fur was looking this morning. Very smooth and shiny.

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((Blushing)) Aww… Thank you for your honesty. I like people who eager to compliment others. I don’t like those who are less likely to compliment others. It just some words after all, positive words! Beside, I know I deserve some compliments.

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I say thank-you, then inside say a little prayer and say, “thank-you.”

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I am learning to just say thank you, instead of discounting them. It’s hard for me to accept them, I have to stop and think a minute and then say “Thanks”.

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Yes, just say “Thank You” or, “Why Thank You!”

If you don’t feel deserving, then do some work on your self esteem.

A dead give away of poor self esteem is rejecting a complement with a negative, self depreciating, comeback.

I try to make it a habit of complementing others often, not in a contrived way, but, by genuinely NOTICING, whatever it is, a good sense of humor, a nice outfit, haircut, smile.

I am always complementing strangers on their smile, along the lines of ” That was a nice smile, always nice to see a smiling face!”

One little complement given or received, is one of those small kindnesses of life that doesn’t go unnoticed. :-)

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When young then I loved compliments. Now that I’m “not young”, if an person around my age or older compliments me then I like it and am gracious but if younger people compliment me then I’m suspicious as to what they want from me.

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I say thank you. If I know the compliment is not sincere I think less of the person.

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Triple handspring into a back flip with a curtsy finish.

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I act like I don’t care, but inside I’m all like, yay! I’m a weak person.

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I just say “Thank you.”...

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Entirely depends on who is giving the compliment.
If it’s a bloke praising my bone structure & almost classic profile, then he’s going to get a frown.
On the other hand, if it’s from a loved one or a nice piece of arse… attractive woman, then i’m going to congratulate them on their impeccable taste ;¬}

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I hand them a check and thank them from the bottom of my fluttering heart.;)

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I say “thank you,” but I always feel awkward, like I should be saying something back…

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I just smile and say thank you. There are people who have a habit of saying something which turns the compliment back to the complimenter. “How nice of you to notice,” or “How sweet of you to say that.” I wish I could do that, but I’m usually so flustered at being complimented that I can’t think.

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I read something recently, that in some Asian cultures, the response to a compliment is likely to be to deny the compliment. “You are a wonderful cook”...“oh no, I have much to learn about xxx”. So, the way we respond to compliments may be driven by cultural norms. I found a research paper on the topic. link

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@Bellatrix: Many many cultures do this to avoid looking better than their guest or client and also some think it’s bad luck to leave a compliment hanging without shooting it down a few times, as nicely as possible though. Many people don’t compliment or brag about their kids in the same vein, to avoid looking pompous or bringing bad luck or jealousy to the family.

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