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Have you got a nickname?

Asked by MilkyWay (13705points) June 3rd, 2011

I have loads! Some of them are used so much I forget what my real name is. I’d love to know what your friends and family call you.
Thanks jellies.

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Friends and family have called me- Nanet or Nan

My husband calls me- Sweet ass

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Suzi…please don’t ask!

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Some call me Dizzy (think the Beatles).

My dad used to call me Weed (from Bill and Ben).

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@Cruiser Please let me ask!

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Never had one that stuck.

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@queenie I was trying to be nice about this….please don’t push me! ;)

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@Cruiser Please let me push you!

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My mom calls me Dolly.
My dad calls me Zezza.
One friend calls me Bug.
Another friend calls me V-Dawg.
Most people just call me V.
I hate Nessa. If you want a punch in the head, call me Nessa.

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They are calling me as Chihuahua (talkative) :)

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Mine’s a short version of my last name. I have two friends who christened me as Sheepdog when I was 18(decades ago) because of how my hair hung in my eyes. One of them still calls me that, but only when it’s just the two of us.

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Gigi. Because my grandson said Gigi when he was trying to say granny.

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T-Bone is what my buds call me.

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“Ben,” from the shortened form of my first name, “BenG” and its homophones from high school, “Nullo” from the Interwebs (though I brought that on myself), “Cletus” from a mean-spirited workplace joke, “Muscles” whenever my manager wants me to move cases of meat.

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@Nullo Lol!
Thanks guys… now I’m gettin curious as to why…

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Bugaboo. (Childhood nickname)
Ketchup. (Long story)
Ashland. (Because I’m Ash-Leigh…)
Captain Tissue. (My superhero name)
Mrs. Batman. :D

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@AshLeigh Aw, those are some awesome nicks!

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@Vunessuh V Dawg? That’s pretty cool.

When I was little, I had Gigi as nick. Some few people call me that, or just G. I’ve also had Fuckface, and some people call me Jizz. My ex boyfriend used to call me Noodles, after I curled my hair and he thought it looked like oriental noodles. I also had Fruitcake from this one girl who thought I was crazy, but in a harmless way. If only she knew…XD
A lot of English speaking people like to make fun of my name, and call me ’‘Gazelle’’, which annoys me to no end haha.

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My friends and family call me Archie, which is a nickname I have had since I was born.
My co-workers nickname for me is Superman, though they don’t call me that often.
Oddly, a girlfriend I had once called me that as well, but for different reasons. She thought I was very square (no drinking, no drugs, no swearing). She actually meant I was Clark Kent.

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@Symbeline Noodles is so cute. XD

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@filmfann you are known as Butters in our house :D

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@jonsblond you’re not confusing me with the dog, are you?

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Bucky, Asshole (called often enough for it to be one, lol), mackin, Big Mac, Mac, Misduh Nigh Guy, etc.

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I forgot “Earth Girl”.
And “Tree Hugger”

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Yes I have, i’ve had it since school (didn’t I ask this question just a week ago? Oh well, never mind) ;¬}
Oh yeah, my nickname….it’s Willy! Yeah I know, laugh it up!!

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Faysie, or Fayalena.

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@ucme Sorry, I wasn’t aware that you asked this Q :-/
@zen Yeah, okay goofball.

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No, but I wish I did because my name sucks and making my own up just seems douchey.

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