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If you were to quit Fluther with your current Fluther name and join with another, what would your new Fluther name be (part 2)

Asked by Aethelwine (42945points) June 3rd, 2011

Allie’s question from 2009

This was lots of fun. Can we do it again?

Honestly, I have quit several times and drunkenly started a new account for a night. I won’t tell you the names I used, but I will tell you HypocrisyCentral is a wonderful greeter to the newbs :D

My new name would be jonsbitch


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I think it’s taken already, but I would totally either pick Xena, Chainsaw or Zombies. Or Talking_Skull

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Spatula or Hussenuv or SymbelinesLittleWhore.

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Dunno but I’d prolly use a name that I used while gaming [ way to long list to be enumerated ]

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Mmm… serious thoughts for this one…probably dollyflop which is what my dad used to call me and my sisters!!!

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yay! @Hypocrisy_Central is answering =)

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Wow, 4 answers and 4 GQ, 100%, do I keep the trend up? If and when I quit Fluther I will never be back I see it like an ex, why go back to an ex, they are an ex for a reason. So I would still be me and my user on some other Q&A site. (thanks for acknowledging my greetability) :-D Guess I followed the trend….. Gold Ingot on the horizon??

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Hussenuv Code Spatula.

Dude, I think I just thought up my own television series…:D

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I’ve almost run out of zen plus options – oh yes, zen_glitterpants for jake.

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@augustlan The_Lurveliest_Manager is more appropriate.

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Aw, thanks. I was thinking of all the things I’ve been called, and since we wouldn’t allow “nazi” as a username, bitch was at the top of the list.

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Those who call you names for being modded are simply young, foolish or retarded.

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Rush Limbaugh

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Paul Hogan. He’s the most famous Aussie outside of Australia apart from Steve Irwin, and I hate the word ‘crikey’.

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MIlocalled or Helensdatter

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I’ve never changed my Fluther identity, so, hard to say…hmmmm, maybe ” Madam Lotus” after my township and my humorous idea of becoming a madam in my retirement years.

I could be the Heidi Fleiss of the Sierra Nevada mountains.
Mountain madam, catering to only the high end clients of my local government of course!
Along with my opium cartel I think I could retire in style.
I have the greatest house that could easily be transformed into a classy brothel. lol

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If @jonsblond is jonsbitch
and @augustlan is That_Bitch
Than I will choose to be Am_Bitch
I’m not telling what new name I really plan to use when I leave and come back.:D

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Zen_Bitch it is then.

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For me rebbits then.

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And is Jon willing to be bitchsjon?


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or I could always use Nina or NinaBeena from a previous website,
or BitchyNina lol

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Mine would be Nitemare_Hippy_Grrrl

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I can’t say I ever see myself changing usernames/leaving.

But if I did, it would probably be blasphemy. (Because how can you not love the word blasphemy??)

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I’m sorry, that cracks me up every time.

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Been There Done That

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I’d go for something shorter if I was ever to quit and then come back…I’d maybe go with Brunette_Rex or something along those lines because of my answer for this thread. Or maybe I’d play along with the whole bitch thing and call myself Brunette_Bitch. I actually like the sound of that…I call dibs if it’s not taken!

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@augustlan You mean I couldn’t register as The Grammar Nazi? It’s probably for the best. I’d expect to be strung up for my not inconsiderate typos with a name like that.

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@fundevogel On a previous website, I met a very dear friend whose user name was AnalGrammarNazi. =0)

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@WillWorkForChocolate That looked familiar so I looked around and found that there’s an AnalGrammarNazi here!

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@wundayatta Medman FTW! I like it.

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Grammarnazi somehow doesn’t seem as bad as nazibitch.

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@FutureMemory I like that….what gave you the inspiration? ;-)

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@fundevogel Yep. Same person, LOL, she just doesn’t come here much. Despite the username, though, she’s a complete sweetheart.

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Maybe Mr. Mojo Rising

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