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What slogan would you put on Fluther Merchandise?

Asked by wildflower (11152points) April 25th, 2008

Following the discussion about whether people would be interested in Fluther merchandise (t-shirts, caps, bags, pins) I thought (well actually not entirely ‘my’ idea) it’d be interesting to see what slogans, catchphrases you’d recommend for a hypothetical Fluther Merchandise (if the powers that be decided it was a worthwhile idea) See the initial discussion here:

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tap the collective

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My suggestions:
A green/blue-ish ‘splodge’ shape with white writing (a bit like on the header of this page):
for a bag: “This is not a plastic bag, this is a Fluther bag”
for a shirt: “I Fluther, do you?” or “I Fluther, therefore I am”
for iPhone cover: “Tap to tap (the collective)”
...I’m sure I’ll have more.

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Fluther: I don’t know why she doesn’t like you.

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lol….johnpowell, do you have that on a sticky ready to paste in to Q’s and chat when necessary?

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Fluther: read the damn iPhone manual.

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Oh wild, I love the iPhone cover!
Has a” fluther pad” or “Jellyfish Pad” been asked requested?

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@sccrowell…..I guess it just has, by you :)

btw…I’m just gonna ping a feedback mail to the Fluther officials, to make sure we’re not stepping on any toes here.

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I think for winter wear, fluther green sweats with our fluther friend logo or pic on the left front pocket area!

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And for the “deluxe” or limited edition range, you could get the jellyfish avatar of your choice…....

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Or tentacles?

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….? . !

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Dr. Jelly (the Fluther logo/mascot) in a thinker position

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How about a fluther line of mouse traps (the non harmful kind) with “TRAP THE COLLECTIVE” emblazoned on each one?

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@nike, if the ”?” was for the “tentacles,” it was in response @wildflower stepping on toes. Or her response to me up above.

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I would just do a jellyfish, followed by “I’d tap that”

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Kinda similar to jp’s, but: Fluther, I don’t even know her!

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“Spread the Lurve”

Thanks, if you need anything else, I’ll be in my trailer. ;)

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What the Fluther?!?!

(Not that I’m trying to promote my fluther nickname)!

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RE: whatthefluther, how about “ezraglenn.” I think that might be nice.

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@ezraglenn, I certainly like it!

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A few more suggestions:
“Tap This!”
“Don’t Worry, Be Jelly(fish)!”
“The Answer is Out There….in the collective”
“Who Knows, Fluther Knows”
“Aren’t you curious?”

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